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User Journal

Discoflamingo13's Journal: "Leaps in logic . . ."

Journal by Discoflamingo13

"should not be confused with jumping to conclusions." As Operation Archangel comes to a close, with the first drafts barely done, sources internal to the D.O.C. ("Device Optimized for Calculation") of the N.I.C.K ("Networked Individuals Calibrated for Killing") task force report a solidly losing battle on both the Mathematics front and the Computer Science Front. Since this is a battle of minds versus abstract fields of study, there are no photographs per se, at this point. Content yourself with text.

That is all from the capstone front. We now return you to your regularly scheduled domestic news reports as our coverage of Operation:PleaseDon'tFuckThisUp,Doc (O:PDFTUD) continues.

Occasionally, I wonder what it would be like if my name really were Doc. What my life would be like, all of these people not knowing my true name (not even me). Wait, that's like it is, right now. Shit.

Sometimes, I wonder if people think that I withdraw from everybody else because I seek a higher solitude -- I wonder how many people realize that most of the time, I'm just really scared, or disgusted, or I want to talk to somebody alone, and not with 30 people around. But there's also a trend of geeks and gamers to make tight work bonds (within small groups) and bonds of solitude (not really any tighter than that, I suppose), with no means to pull them away from their respective Fortresses of Solitude. They're like Superman when they're in there, I swear. Which is also why I want to lure them into my own den, I suppose - because like most geeks, my computer is Earth's yellow sun, and it gives me my power, or something.

It's fruit.

We have observed a tendency in the test subject to maintain irregular working patterns of sleep, while still not managing to accomplish that much, actually. I am beginning to believe that his methods are . . . unsound.

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"Leaps in logic . . ."

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