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cheeseSource's Journal: What to do about S. H.?

Journal by cheeseSource
It's getting late but I wanted to put down a quick thought. Various organizations and individuals are already (as expected) speaking of S.H.'s trial/execution, and there is little doubt that he is guilty of some incredibly heinous acts. But in serious terms would those same individuals give themselves up for similar scrutiny. Sharon for instance is not far behind if not ahead of Sadaam's heinous acts meter. Yet he has been dodging he UN war crimes tribunal for 30 years. Also G. B.'s actions in starting a war with Iraq and what is occuring at Guantamino Bay should lead to some level of reprucussion, if all was done equally. I have no particular standpoint, I am only interested in justice being met out evenly. Capital punishment will probably result for S.H. which is interesting in that there are many countries that have banned it in an attempt to move society forward, and now they will have to reaffirm their postion or justify this exception (slippery slope). I am also against capital punishment for similar reasons. A society cannot progress forward that holds barbaric traditions in current practice.
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What to do about S. H.?

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