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Coventry's Journal: downloading slashcode 1

Journal by Coventry
saw this article on the frontpage.

I like the alternate look they have.

They missed out on a few things that would be possible to reduce bandwidth even more - namely, removing redundant tabs and newlines from the source - it'd save an extra 2kb per page view.

So, I'm off to download slashcode and play, of course, someone may beat me to it - especialy if they are a slashcode afficianado already, but I've already found the templates and begun work: it's not like this is assembler or C or anything... the templates are simple html fragments with templating directives built in... rather ugly actually (in apearance and implementation), but easy to work with. Tomorrow will tell.

At least they didn't use XML and XSLT.
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downloading slashcode

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  • Just an update - either the powers that be don't want to update slashdot, or someone gave them updated templates already, or they are just jerks...

    I say this because I never got a response to my query, to michael, about whom to send updated slashcode templates to.

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