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VonGuard's Journal: The Wheel Turns Ever Onward

Journal by VonGuard

And so it goes. I anticiapte being fired in about three weeks. That means there will be one week of swing time when my co-hort, JoAnne, will no longer be here and I will be on my own. Yikes.

She put in her two weeks on Friday, evidently. I thought she had quit completely on Friday, but she's here today. Good thing too, because without her here, I don't know how we'd all get paid. She's the one that writes the checks and deals with Pay-Chex. Jesse just signs whatever she puts in front of him.

The weekend found me stoned again, as usual. There's not a whole lot I seem to be able to do to avoid the stuff out here. Everyone's got it, everyone's offering it. Oh well, I shall remain inert.

Inert and unmotivated! On my own slowly descending pile of barrels and junk, over the falls, doing nothing to stop myself or to move myself up over the edge and out towards the outside world. Maybe I'll get some writing done today. I owe a bunch of reviews....

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The Wheel Turns Ever Onward

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