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dh003i's Journal: Freedom of speech threatened by chattel laws 2

Journal by dh003i

According to this article, the chattel laws have been used to shut down freedom of speech. A court has ruled that it is ok for an individual to be sued for sending "unwanted" e-mail to corporation employees. It should be noted that this "unwanted" e-mail is not e-mail that the employees didn't want, but e-mail that the corporation didn't want the employees to see, because it criticized the corporation. Even more disturbing than this, chattel laws have been used to stop competitors from gathering information for comparative pricing from competitor's websites. These types of things threaten the very fibre of the internet, which fundamentally relies on free linking, not requiring a web-owner's permission to link to his site, or any sub-site within it. This is what makes the net efficient and useful to users.

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Freedom of speech threatened by chattel laws

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  • I dont have time to read the article, I'm guessing its the same old story that dates back to the shtland times and beyond.

    Using company equipment to send personal emails is wrong. Plain and simple. It's the same as personal telephone calls, or personal photocopying. Not only are you not working at that point, but you are costing the money, no matter how small an ammount (extra wear and tear on the LED on your network card?) Want to send something bad? Send it outside work time.

    In addition, your right to s
    • Using company equipment to send personal emails is wrong.

      True -- and I'd amend that to "send or receive" -- BUT, that only holds if that's company policy. It's fine if the company OKs it. My work is forgiving about such stuff. I think the reasoning is something like, "Better to have happy employees than to lose their brain power."

      That's beside the point, tho. People react badly to cenorship (and to being called "chattel"). The no-spam part *isn't* censorship -- just get the mail sent to your home em

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