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MoreDruid's Journal: Tribute

Last wednesday was a very sad day for me. My family and I paid our last respects to our beloved grandmother. She was a very special person, happy with even the smallest things in life. Truly the best person I've ever known, the kindness she brought into our lives is just incredible. She passed away at a respectable age of 93, fortunately for her and us without suffering a long and painful ending. I will always remember her optimism and the happy times we spend with her, like her last birthday just 2 weeks before her death.

Her day of burial was remarkable, it was a perfect spring day, sunny, quiet, just the way she liked it best. All in all, despite the sadness, I must say it was a very beautiful day, and I am proud to have a small piece of her living on inside of me. May she remain in our thoughts forever.

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