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Journal OverTheGeicoE's Journal: US House "Creator" of TSA Wants to Kill It

US Representative John Mica (R-Florida), the sponsor of the original House bill that helped create the TSA, has become an outspoken opponent of the agency. In a recent interview "Mica said screeners should be privatized and the agency dismantled." Mica seems to agree with other TSA critics that the agency "failed to actually detect any threat in 10 years." Mica is the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman and receives classified briefings on TSA. Perhaps we should trust him more than most people on this topic.

In an older ABC news article (ignore the unrelated video) Mica describes how he deals with security checkpoints. "He won't go through a full body scanner at an airport because 'I don't want them circulating pictures of my beautiful body' all over. He said he opts for a pat-down, and just 'closes his eyes and imagines a beautiful female.'" From the same article: "Mica said classified briefings he has been given show the failure rate of the body imagers to find potentially-dangerous objects going through airport security is totally unacceptable." I'll end with another Mica quote: "The bad news is I created them after 9/11, the good news is I am now chairman and I will get them."

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US House "Creator" of TSA Wants to Kill It

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