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User Journal

Le Marteau's Journal: All I know about conspiracies 4

Journal by Le Marteau

1) Many if not most of the truly world-changing events were the result of conspiracies (assassination of Julius Caesar... the founding of the USA... stuff like that for e.g.)
2) Because the most ludicrous theories get the most press for some strange reason, the general public tends to automatically consider conspiracy theories == come from kooks.
3) I suspect that SOME truly whack conspiracy theories are being put into the public gestalt in order to camouflage the actual conspiracies, and to discredit conspiracy theories in general (that sounds like a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theories. hehe)

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All I know about conspiracies

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  • ... and say what I think about 9/11.

    I don't believe the US Gumbent "planned" 9/11. Or used mind control. Or blew up the towers.

    Based on my reading of teh evidence, my guess is that the US "Powers That Be" knew the bad guys were planning something. And let them go ahead.

    They did a cost/benefits analysis. The cost: a couple thousand lives and some real estate. The benefits: greatly enhanced governmental powers for years to come, carte blanche to go into other countries and wage war, and a greatly enhanc

    • Totally unrelated (I think). But I'm too lazy to do another JE, and am not sure it even warrents a JE.

      I'm reading on another tab just a moment ago, and there is a banner ad for a surface to air missile. "SEEKS AND FINDS BEFORE THE ENEMY KNOWS HES FOUND.... THIS IS HOW. JAGM... JOINT AIR TO GROUND MISSILE.... LOCKHEED MARTIN"

      It's hard not to be pessimistic and/or cynical about things when you see them advertising missiles as if they were hamburgers.

    • by C3ntaur (642283)

      I just watched 911 in Plane Sight [] and Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup [].

      There's definitely more to this story than what we've been told by the major media.

  • I see we have a fellow programmer in the house. That == great!

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