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iamtheantipudge's Journal: Not trying to imply anything

Journal by iamtheantipudge

But sometimes I wonder if Einstein would sneak into Turing's lab and post a great big piece of paper on his bulletin board (or black board) with, "YOU'RE A FUCKING HOMO!" on it, and then Turing would do the same... back and forth this would go, for decades...

Considering the extent of what i"m seeing, I have a very hard time believing these aren't scriptbots. It's simply too much effort for an actual human.. For instance, this:

Why doesn't Pudge point a critical finger at himself for a change? Why can't Pudge simply enjoy the fruits of his own labors and let other people enjoy the fruits of theirs? And how can we break Pudge's hypnotic spell over unctuous paper-pushers? This letter is not the place to explore the answers to those questions. Its purpose is instead to fight the warped, distorted, misshapen, unwholesome monstrosity that Pudge's principles have become. Let us note first of all that Pudge is firmly convinced that it is not only acceptable but indeed desirable to feature simplistic answers to complex problems. His belief is controverted, however, by the weight of the evidence indicating that Pudge exhibits an air of superiority. You realize, of course, that that's really just a defense mechanism to cover up his obvious inferiority. Still, the issue of what to do about Pudge's unpleasant mind games is far from settled. The letter you just read should be seen as a starting point for dialogue on this controversial issue.

Totally automatic. I am very intrigued by the accuracy of this particular one though

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Not trying to imply anything

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