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EnlightenmentFan's Journal: The War Over Iraq 2

Journal by EnlightenmentFan
The war against Iraq may or may not have terrible consequences. But the war over Iraq--the division of people into angry factions--that's terrible now, and shows no signs of getting better.

Who is a traitor? Who only cares about oil? Who secretly likes Saddam? Who doesn't care about innocent people dying? My guess is that very few partisans of either side fit such ugly stereotypes. But that doesn't stop the insults flying, back and forth, as if it made sense to reduce large groups of people to hideous cardboard caricatures. And in the vast echo chambers of partisan politics, well-meaning people are pushed into being more extreme, more angry.

I have strong feelings about war with Iraq. I'm sure you do too. Each of us is entitled to try to convince other people our thinking is right. We're entitled to feel frustrated if our arguments fail. We're also entitled to huddle with our friends--but we're wrong if we spend that time savoring our hatred of those who disagree.

If anyone wants to start a peace march to end the war over Iraq--I'll gladly join you.

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The War Over Iraq

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