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Journal DancingSword's Journal: Whomever ( or WHATever ) this someone is... Humour Rules!$$$$$exyGal/journal/#naked

( Warning: she's got a driven one-track mind, seems, and her links oft Aren't Safe For Work., but sometimes she gets it so right... )

Right. Amendment One, here, then:
I rigged this someone as a 'friend' on this system, because I found her humour refreshingly different from what normally goes-down here
( like the link of women wearing house-cats, that she labelled 'pussy', and if you've never been in-relationship-with woman to know female-humour, and that it stands on-its-own, and is different... )
It doesn't negate her humour if her body appears to be the body-of-a-woman, the body-of-a-gay, or even the body-of-a-bloomin-houseplant!...
... and I don't get the hatred stacked against her.
Like her mind's effect on your mind, or not, and that's that, isn't it?

Isn't it?

The stunning list of ones who determine that she's inherently offensive...

.. or this?

Dear Cripes!

I use 'friends' setting to flag anyone who's shown me some insight, or offered good information, or undermined a cultural ignorance from in me, and the 'geeks' involved/involving in this .. act like nerditudinal politicians?
( ah, the sysadmin FAQ of usenet, of loooong ago, may clarify that jape, or maybe not, if me memory's porous in these, me aging years... )

She shows herself to someone .. just to prove she's a girl ( and this kills me, since her mind's different from guy-minds, and even with a 50%/world==female that isn't good-enough for slashdotters? )

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Whomever ( or WHATever ) this someone is... Humour Rules!

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