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The Military

gringofrijolero's Journal: Surrender Monkeys?

Journal by gringofrijolero

Yeah, right!

France is the only country so far to have intervened successfully for attacked yachts, having used commando type operations to release two previous yachts without any loss of life of the hostages. - emphasis mine

And the container ship companies are saying that liability insurance for arming their crews is more expensive than the ransom they pay out. Personally I think they have found some political advantage to playing the helpless "victim". I haven't figured out their game yet, but something's afoot. Since when has the right to protect yourself from real threats, as opposed to the phony ones the Americans dream up, become such political fodder? Christ! If someone is shooting at you, shoot back! I suppose I should check into who's hiring the pirates, but that doesn't mean that people shouldn't defend themselves in the meantime. Politics is weird.

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Surrender Monkeys?

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