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twitter's Journal: Windows 7 Gets Mixed Reviews 1

Journal by twitter

Windows 7 formal introduction to developers brought mixed reactions. One developer said he would take it home and stick it on his kid's PC. Others had doubts about this reworking of Vista.

"It looks like a re-packaged Vista [with] a little bit of eye candy," said Daniel McGloin, a software engineer at Intuit.

Randal Kennedy has some of the harshest criticism. He's been punished by M$ for Vista criticism so reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Many reviewers gave Vista a free ride from good faith that they had to apologize for. This time they will give it a free ride to avoid being punished.

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Windows 7 Gets Mixed Reviews

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  • I don't think eye-candy or improved usability matters that much. Of course, they should improve Windows 7 from Vista in this respect.
    But will they have fixed what really matters? The enormous specifications needed to run it? DRM? Instability? Crappy hardware and software compatibility?
    For some reason I doubt it.

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