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StalinsNotDead's Journal: Recent aquisition 8

Journal by StalinsNotDead

I got me a stapler.

Showing the stapler to people, I had an uncharacteristic level of joy. Someone asked "You're not going to burn the place down are you?"

It's sad that the highlight of the last year (at least) is an office supply.

And a 20 pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers. I've always felt compelled to have the most complete set of writing utensils I could reasonably expect to afford.

It's part of a ten-goal plan, most of which should be implemented within the year. The recent events with my relative have caused a lot of thought. And by my reckoning the clearing at the end of my current path was not a pleasant one, and I would reach it by my own hand eventually. Rationality breaks down under constant pressure, and I could no longer honestly say that my current obstacles to self-termination could be maintained. So, I've implemented a series of changes. I reckon I should make a note of what they are and post them.

The first is reacquiring the near-obsessive sense of order and neatness in the three primary environments in my life: my work area, my living area, and my transportation.

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Recent aquisition

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