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User Journal

piotru's Journal: Empire quiz (Politics is alive and Ceasar casts dices today)

Journal by piotru

What is the name of the politician responsible for the worst atrocities in human history and which country still celebrates him as hero?

Who ... Anna Politkovskaya?
Is? Was?

What has Alexander Litvinenko eaten for his last lunch?
Caviar? Polonium-210?

How did Georgia violate international law?
By defending its borders? By not joining The Empire? By controlling an oil pipe?

How many POWs were murdered in what is known as Katyn Massacre?
2.000? 20.000? 50.000?

How many Ukrainians died in famine ordered by Stalin?
200.000? 5.000.000? 10.000.000?

Can you name at least one nation annihilated by relocation to another continent?

Who was the Hitler's greatest partner and friend in 1939-1940?

How many polish, lithuanian and ukrainian Jews fled to Germany-occupied territory after being "liberated" by the Red Army in 1939-1940? And why?

How many sailors were rescued from the Kursk submarine?
1? 100? 0?

Who was Col. Ryszard Kuklinski ("A Secret Life") and what happened to his children?

What did Anatoliy Golitsyn correctly predict about the future of Empire in his book "New Lies for Old" ?

For whom does Gerhard Schroeder, the former Chancellor of Germany presently work?

What did the fifth point of peace agreement proposed to Georgia by Sarkozy in August 2008 stipulate? What was the Germany's position then?

How would you relate the NATO's denial of membership to Georgia and Ukraine after meeting in Rumania, April 2008 to Russian invasion of those countries? What was Germany's position then and do you start to see the pattern?

During Warsaw Uprising in August/October 1944 the Russian Army stopped the offensive at the border of Warsaw, leaving the city to be bathed in blood (200.000 civilians murdered, trainloads of property stolen), then completely destroyed by the German Army. Russia also refused any airport access to Allied airplanes trying to drop supplies for the fighting Poles. The German Army reversed it's original plan to leave the city and fought/raped/robbed/murdered for 63 days. Is there still not a pattern?

Are those facts or just products of imagination to be discarded without provoking cognitive dissonance?

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Empire quiz (Politics is alive and Ceasar casts dices today)

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