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Pinball Wizard's Journal: Palladium 1

Journal by Pinball Wizard
Well, the XBox hackers have finally thrown in the towel and given up on any hope of running unsigned code on the XBox.

Its really not that big of a deal that we will never see Linux on the XBox - that really was never the point of the project. The point is, we don't want to see computers out there that will only run what Microsoft says can run on them.

Unfortunately, Microsoft succeeded. Watch for computers in the next few years that will only run signed code. Since AMD and Intel have signed on to Palladium, its possible that PC's in the future will no longer run Linux or BSD.

Its not enough that the tiny Linux community is against this. We have to tell our friends and families to unequivocally refuse the DRM-enabled products that are certain to appear in the near future. Nothing less than the freedom of computing is at stake.

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  • Although these "official" Xbox hackers decided to abandon the project, I'm guessing there is nothing stopping the underground hackers to figure out a way. However, if MS gets wind of it the lawyers will certainly be on whomever it is that announces it (reminiscent of the DECSS cracking).

    Anyway, it's sad when lawyers stifle productivity.. I don't understand how it can be illegal to run what I want on hardware that I own, which is essentially what MS is trying to push. Only Microsoft/RIAA/some other big company and their army of lawyers..

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- The Wizard Of Oz