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Pinball Wizard's Journal: Quickies 2

Journal by Pinball Wizard
Saw LOTR last night. If you haven't seen it, do so. Best. Movie. Ever. Im serious. That movie blew away every Star Wars movie I've ever seen, and even topped last year's FOTR. OTOH, if you haven't seen ST Nemesis, you may safely skip this one. Its worth a view at the dollar flicks or on video, but I wouldn't recommend paying $8.50(or whatever movies cost in your area) to see it. Really Nemesis was on par with a decent TV episode of the Next Generation, but thats about it.

I've gotta get this silliness off my chest: That commercial for SOCOM: U.S. Navy Seals. Looks like a great game. After the Navy Seal dudes kick the snot out of the Gen-Y hipsters one of the Seals says "like shooting fish in a bucket". I'm sorry but that's one phrase that needs to be stricken from the English language. First of all, its "shooting fish in a barrel" and even that one has major problems with it. Number one, if the fish are already in a barrel, why do you need to shoot them? You're just going to destroy the fish and put holes in your barrel, or bucket as the case may be. At any rate, I don't get it. How on earth did that become a recognizable phrase; its about the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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  • by gmhowell (26755)
    Stupid phrase or not, I still laugh when those kool dudez get their collective ass handed to them.
  • The bullet could ricochet off of the barrel and hit you in the eye. We'll see who talks about easy fish huntin' when that happens!

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