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Pinball Wizard's Journal: 2 more finals 1

Journal by Pinball Wizard
and I'm done. This was my semester of electives. Why? Because I am planning on going through UNM's academic renewal program(I dropped out 5 years ago due to personal reasons and got 3 F's) and won't actually start there until next month. This semester, I got my brain back in gear at TVI. I am taking Spanish, Economics, History, and Public Speaking.

Assumming I don't freeze up on those last two finals, I'll have 3 A's and a B in Spanish this sem. The A in Public Speaking was very unexpected. Its not my strong suit, and I would have been happy with any passing grade. However, the instructor really felt I improved a lot over the semester. Moral: If you're a geek and you want to strech your capabilities, try something you're not good at. It can be tough, but it's worthwhile.

This is on top of working full time running an ecommerce site. Hey don't laugh. It may be small, but its profitable.

In other words I've been a very busy bee this semester. I don't expect it to get any better, but I'll try and post more during my breaks.

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2 more finals

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