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thePsychologist's Journal: Linux: One Step Closer To The Desktop

Journal by thePsychologist

Linux has gotten much better now. Why? Well wireless networking was really painful before. Now it's not. Sure there was stuff like knetworkmanager, and the network-manager packages for GNOME/KDE, but those were packages that either required panel applets or lots of libraries.

Panel applets are not for me since I run Fluxbox, and the network managers were always a bit finicky anyways. Enter wicd, perhaps the best program for Linux ever. It's so simple. It just connects to networks. It allows automatic connection. It plays nice with command line apps. It doesn't require a panel applet and can connect to my WPA wireless network.

There's a time for the command line: when it's much faster and more efficient to use it. Connecting to networks is not one of those times. It's useless and irritating to have to type "sudo wpa_supplicant -Dmadwifi -c/home/blah/config/wpanetworks.conf -iath0" every time I need to connect.

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Linux: One Step Closer To The Desktop

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