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Journal arun_s's Journal: Slackware 12.0 RC1 released

It feels like only yesterday when I downloaded slackware 11.0, and now I see a new version's already almost released. The kernel defaults to 2.6 (finally!), and kde is somewhere at 3.5.7.

Another thing that you'd immediately notice while skimming through the changelogs is gaim's relocation to /unsupported, following a very rude comment by the pidgin people in their wiki:

We have no developers using Slack, and furthermore, several of us actively dislike that distribution for its history of broken installs, as well as for its non-existant package management. You cannot create true packages for Slack.

Ugh. I used to recommend Gaim to friends before, but I've stopped. Admittedly, they've toned down their language in recent versions of the page, but their hostility seems surprising. Anyone looking for better alternatives out there need look no further than kopete (which is default in slack anyway), or centericq (which is what I use).

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Slackware 12.0 RC1 released

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