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OctaneZ's Journal: "Opinion Center" 3

Journal by OctaneZ

So slashdot has replaced the "Vendors" section pushing AMD with an (uncollapsable) section called "Opinion Center" pushing Intel? And what's with making the section in the navigation bar a different color? And why's it at the top of the bar.
Seriously "Vendors" was at least forthright about what it actually was, a slashvertisement.
Ugg, annoying.

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"Opinion Center"

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  • The colors really make it stand out - to the point that it distracts from the rest of the content. It either needs to have the same coloring or it needs to go away.
    • Self imposed obliviousness... I haven't looked at the nav bar for so long that I didn't even know what you were talking about. In fact, it took me about 10 seconds to find the Opinion Center. I love my ability to filter out stuff that doesn't matter to me. :-)
  • ..."CmdrTaco" and "clue".

    'Nuff said. :-)


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