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hzs202's Journal: Out of Interesting Things To Say... 2

Journal by hzs202

Well it has finally happend, I have run out of interesting things to say. More often then not I have interesting things to say and write but just not enough time to post it. Well just the opposite is the case today and has been nearly all week. I have completely run out of interesting things to share. I would like to ask my slashdot friends for suggestions... what would you guys like to hear?

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Out of Interesting Things To Say...

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  • Hippos
    Duct Tape
    Batgirl Costumes
    3.5" floppies removed from the hardshell plastic case
    Unused erasers
    Janet Gretzky

    • 3.5" floppies

      I have one that's now held together by scotch tape. The magic sliding door is only for show, as the little springy thing is residing in my desk drawer.

      Yes, it technically still works.

"I think trash is the most important manifestation of culture we have in my lifetime." - Johnny Legend