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I just want to say...

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  • by grub (11606)

    I don't like how the Creationist/ID kooks use the term 'theory' to add legitimacy to their crap. A theory, in the scientific sense, will have some data to back up the idea. No such luck with Creationism/ID. Read what they write, they offer no evidence, what they write are just slams on evolution which can be refuted. Unfortunately it sounds good to the believers.
    • by gorzek (647352)
      You're right. Unfortunately, they get a lot of traction from the lay public, who don't understand what a scientific theory is. "Even scientists admit evolution is just a theory!"

      Education would solve a lot of this problem, which is no doubt why segments of the ID community are trying to influence the education system. Kind of hard to reject an idea you're indoctrinated into as a child, and not taught to think critically about it.

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