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User Journal

Pinball Wizard's Journal: Moderation rant 4

Journal by Pinball Wizard
I know I'm not the only one here who has experienced this, but it still sucks.

I can't remember the last time I was moderated down where the moderation was something other than "overrated". To paraphrase Jack Black from High Fidelity, the overrated mod is very pussy.

You just know that these people use this mod because they either don't like you or disagree with what you say. Yet they are too chicken to use something that will show up in M2.

With all the nice changes that have occurred around Slashdot lately, the "overrated" mod abuse is the one remaining glaring flaw in the system. There are undoubtedly people with several accounts that mod nearly every day - and if they are using the overrated mod, well they basically have free license to swing any discussion they way they want, without any checks against their behavior.

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Moderation rant

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  • Since /. is still bugged out in IE5.x, I could have had mod privs half a dozen times and not known it, oh joy.

    Haven't mod'd in ages though *shrugs* then again I never did recieve frequent mod privs one way or the other.
  • Taco has mentioned that he doesn't want overrated to ever surpass the original score it started with. So, if you post it at score:2, overrated won't drop it below 2.

    Hasn't been implemented, though.

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