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Slashdot Stories for 1999

End of the World 162 comments
Bringing E-Com Sites Down for Y2K? 208 comments
Motivating the Non-Paid Help 7 comments
Audi Pulls Website Because Of Y2K 139 comments
Sacrifice of Fools 3 comments
Interview: The L0pht Answers 99 comments
Berst Names Young/Torvalds 2 of 7 People to Watch 75 comments
Gateway Sells Rights to Amiga Name 80 comments
The Timekeeper 95 comments
New Body Scanners Installed In Airports 269 comments
Where, Oh Where has Gone? 183 comments
New Years Resolutions From Assorted Nutcases 205 comments
Boris Yeltsin Resigns 155 comments
Y2K Rollover - Post Your Experiences Here! 719 comments
Apple's OS 9 Fix Creates New Problems 28 comments
FCC Relaxes Entrance To Ham Radio 135 comments Denies Alternate Browser Access 227 comments
When Does Y2K Begin? 495 comments
Hazards of Genetic Engineering 208 comments
Laptop Pentium IIIs 124 comments
Forrester Report: Linux Hysteria Will Fade In 2000 238 comments
What is the Best ISDN Solution? 19 comments
DVD Recap 7 comments
On Keeping Geeks in a Metropolitan Area 636 comments
Etoy: It's Not Over Yet 200 comments
The Linux Newbie Replies: WFM? 365 comments
Beneath the Surface of the World Wide Web 47 comments
Compaq Offers Free Beowulf Test Drives 67 comments
The Geek Compound Prepares for Y2k 445 comments
Review: Man On The Moon 237 comments
Hubble Producing Data Again 2 comments
Yet Another Linux Driver Petition 139 comments
Server Uptimes Ranked 396 comments
Java Success Stories 235 comments
Yahoo sued for $4 billion over access to user info 4 comments
DVD Hearing Victory: We Won - For Now 443 comments
Toxic-Waste Consuming Bacteria 143 comments
User Review of OmniSky Wireless service for Palm V 61 comments
eToys Drops Lawsuit Against eToy 193 comments
Etoy Update 36 comments
Wireless Networks in Metropolitan Areas? 12 comments
Geeks, Geek Issues and Voting 510 comments
The 20th Century: Loser Style 278 comments
Life Day Celebration 22 comments
Holiday Movie Thread 146 comments
Inprise Considering Open Sourcing InterBase 132 comments
DVD Hearing Today - Are You Ready to Rumble? 652 comments
Informatica 1.0: Access to the Best Tools for Masteringthe Information Age 13 comments
Apple's Response to "Denial of Service" 70 comments
Debian Plans for Freeze, Potato Release 185 comments
Miguel de Icaza Named 'Innovator of the Year' 171 comments
No Permission Necessary to Record Chat 6 comments
Yahoo Keeps Offering Real; Fox Now Allows Linux 135 comments
Red Caps Adopt Red Hat 119 comments
Children Turn On Santa 176 comments
Netscape 1994 Time Capsule 144 comments
MSFT thanks Linux Programmer for paying $35 Fee 188 comments
Quantum computation in Brain Microtubules 1 comments
Mac OS9 Flood Attack 185 comments
Linux Unreal Tournament Status Update 141 comments
Quieting those Fans 19 comments
Intel Pentium III 500E CPU and 550E FC-PGA Review 84 comments
US Army Needs Linux Workstation Advice 391 comments
FDA to Regulate Internet Drug Sales 266 comments
Dvorak on "Winners and Duds of the Millennium" 297 comments
Swedish Court Clears Teen for Linking to MP3s 66 comments
Photos From Wearable Computer Fashion Show 132 comments
Movie Reviews:GalaxyQuest 145 comments
Compaq: Alpha is Better Than IA-64 373 comments
Science in 1999 48 comments
Apple Posts Darwin / Open Source News 64 comments
DVD CCA Applies for Restraining Order 895 comments on FreeBSD 3.3 20 comments
IceWM 1.0.0 released 166 comments
PCWeek on the Influence of the PC and the Internet 156 comments
Why is BSD Not As Popular As Linux? 690 comments
Second "Bonus" Interview: Jon "maddog" Hall 98 comments
Interviews: We Have 2! 1st, L0pht Heavy Industries 232 comments
ESR on Quake 1 Open Source Troubles 339 comments
Linus One of Fortune's "People to Watch in 2000" 79 comments
LEGO Mindstorm Book Review 50 comments
XIG Releases Commercial OpenGL X-Server 91 comments Cracked 125 comments
Multiprocessor G4s @MacWorld 111 comments
Google (Patent Pending) 267 comments
Negligence and Open Source 361 comments
Apache Now Runs On Over 5 Million Sites 101 comments
Open Source Quake Causes Cheating? 474 comments
Ergonomic Office Equipment? 169 comments
Hubble Repairs Declared "Complete Success" 67 comments
Albert Einstein - Person of the Century 331 comments
A Christmas Chess Puzzle 281 comments
50 Year Old Quantum Physics Problem Solved 112 comments
Web Server Comparisons 212 comments
Online Gifts Not There Yet? You're Not Alone. 215 comments
Microsoft Hotmail/Passport Service Interrupted:UPDATED 272 comments
UO Scientists Get Funding for Quantum Logic Gates 43 comments
Linux Handwriting Recognition 78 comments
Merry Christmas Everyone 139 comments
V2OS under GPL 177 comments
RealNetworks Sues 181 comments
Interview: Anti-Censorware Activists Answer 186 comments
The IP Lawyers Strike Back 198 comments
Tis the Season to Spam
"What is Linux Missing?" 720 comments
Opera Beta Released 253 comments
Hubble's Computers Upgraded 97 comments
Feed Magazine Commentary on Patent Insanity 72 comments
Good Bye Q 36 comments Buys Out 67 comments
UK Gov't Experts Say Linux is Secure, Windows Not 268 comments
Q3A for Linux Hitting Stores Today 185 comments
The Obsessed Inventor of the Paper Computer 256 comments
The Upcoming LinuxOne IPO 213 comments
ACLU Sues FBI, Justice Dept Over Y2K Flick 11 comments
The MassLinux Disappearance Explained 125 comments
RMS on Java and GPL 338 comments
Gates of Fire 92 comments
A Quiet Adult: My Candidate for Man of the Century 231 comments
Star Wars: TPM NOT on DVD in 2000 121 comments
On The Linux Culture and Money 107 comments
Tax Software for Linux? 182 comments
Wireless Keyboard... Without The Keyboard 148 comments
USPTO Takes Second Look at Y2K Windowing Patent 96 comments
1970s Star Wars Christmas Special Reviewed 201 comments
EFA Moves Website to USA 1 comments
386 Based Linux Powered Telephone 122 comments
Online Journal Publisher Raided by Police 399 comments
Roger Waters To Create New Album 89 comments
Apache+mod_ssl vs Apache-SSl ?
Physics Fraud or Ground-Breaking Science? 426 comments
EPIC Criticizes Top 100 Sites' Privacy 3 comments
Cool Personal Robots 146 comments
Mandrake 7.0-Beta Ready for Download 314 comments
Cutting Back Blows Goats
Realtime Linux Workshop in Vienna 64 comments
Pick Your Own Net Person Of The Year 387 comments
Rumoured DVD Release of Episode One in April, 2000 214 comments
The Physics of Christmas 128 comments
Color Palms to Debut in February? 160 comments
Life After Y2K - MTV's 'Adams and Eves' 208 comments
Who Enforces the Open Source Licenses? 296 comments
Compaq Fortran for Linux Alpha Released 92 comments
Study Says 25% of Online Transactions Go Wrong 124 comments
MS Tells How to Delete Linux, Install NT or Win2K 642 comments
Quake 1 GPL'ed 479 comments
LWN Does Year in Review for Linux 55 comments
Priceline & Expedia Patent Battle Heats Up 184 comments
Brightest Moon Fallacy 286 comments
CNN Misrepresenting etoy vs. etoys Battle? 200 comments
Tales From The Bazaar 232 comments
Extreme Programming Explained 222 comments
Outdoor Computer Cases? 192 comments
HP Still Porting Linux to 64 bit PA RISC 51 comments
Mozilla M12 Released 267 comments
Tivo Source Code Released 212 comments
ABC TV Does Two Major Cracker Stories 227 comments
CFP2000 18 comments
Behold the Lizardman 182 comments
Yahoo & Dumping Real Audio for MS 274 comments
FreeBSD 3.4 released 143 comments
Zhirinovsky to "Send Viruses to the West" 177 comments
Thawte Bought by Verisign 123 comments
Intel using FreeBSD 218 comments
New Yorker Accidentally Gets $1M WebTV Prototype 225 comments
Review - Bicentennial Man 226 comments
Intel Snags PC Mhz Crown Back From AMD 209 comments
Compaq Signs License with Be for Net Appliance 66 comments
Red Hat Stock Splitting 146 comments
Interview: Two Censorware Experts 116 comments
Wired on Boycott 271 comments
Discovery Launched, Hubble to be repaired soon 109 comments
Brunching Shuttlecocks' Findings on Microsoft Case 83 comments
North Carolina Tries to Tax Online Purchases 281 comments
The USPS-Selling Zip Codes or Public Information? 203 comments
Subdermal Implant Can Be Tracked via GPS 257 comments
James Bond's 'Q' Dies 269 comments
Microsoft looking for FreeBSD Skills 243 comments
RMS The Coder 333 comments
Jeff Bezos Named Time Person of the Year 213 comments
Australian 'Net God' Refuses to Profit From IPO 81 comments
NASA Launches Terra Satellite 63 comments
Configuring Monitors in X 408 comments
Aibo Gets Competition: NEC's R100 69 comments
Digital Movie Projection: Can It Live Up To The Hype? 291 comments
Geek Horoscopes 70 comments
Brazilian Gov't May Pass Pro-Free Software Law 242 comments
Vendetta: A Christmas Story 257 comments
Corel Sues U.S. Department of Labour 328 comments
Testing Linux and Open Source for Y2K 12 comments
S/390 Support is Now on Kernel 2.2 144 comments
Celeron 466 - Good Or Bad? 50 comments
Where Can I Find Keyboard Reviews? 16 comments
Unified Instant Messaging Clients? 272 comments
Brazil Bans Doom, Duke Nukem and 4 Other Games 286 comments
Sex in Space 276 comments
Win an AIBO 89 comments
Why do ext2 Files Become Corrupt so Often?
Why are Faxes Low Speed?
MIT Profs Get Into Patent Fray with AskJeeves
Megiddo: The FBI is Apparently Serious About Y2K
Canadian CD Levy Announced
RIP Masslinux?
What Video Card best Supports Xfree86-4.0
Getting a HandSpring Visor to Work w/ Linux
Interview: Brian Paul Answers
Creative & Corel To Team For More Linux Audio/Video
Managing 'make' for Large Projects
High Tech Paradise Lost: Living in The Valley
Seattle Postscript
Why Linux won Where Java Failed
Is SCSI Sub-Par Under Linux?
The Making of Quake III - and the Building of id
$13 Domain Name Registration
Are all LCD Monitors Compatible with Linux?
Cable Companies Debate Open Access
Picking a Good Product Name
The Future of GNOME
"Good" Countries for Geeks?
Be: Another Red Hat Takeover Rumour
Open Source and State-of-the-Art Algorithms
Descent 2 Source Code Released
The Corporate Burrito
"Linux" Trademark for Laundry Detergent?
Corel and Red Hat Rumors Continue
Is Apache the Next Linux?
User Interface, Borgification and Compromising on a CrossoverPoint
Apple Open-Sources NetSprockets
MSN Linux Community?!
Fingerprint ID Door Locks?
Sun Imposes Java Royalty
NSI Steps Into the eToys vs etoy Debate
Adobe Announces Initial Support for Linux
E-commerce and the E-nvironment
Mail from the NASA Administrator
KDE Krash Released
Windows2000 Goes Gold
DoJ Looking for New Target in MTV
Pioneer Releases DVD Audio Sans New Encryption
Linus Announces Move into Pre-2.4 Stage
Conspiracies in the Rechargable Battery Market?
Eric, Dylan and Mary of Doom
Q3A Demo Released For Linux
Open Source Research
European Commission Interested in Open Source
Practical Internet Groupware
Bleem Sues Sony
Help solve Certicom's ECC Challenge and help ASF
Patent Law

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