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Social Networks

Journal Journal: Facebook automation script?

Once I've done that "send message to all the girls" (*it started with a bet though*) on one social network, I've had lots of request for scripts (see the related journal - Ultimate computer usage ).
Some of them, as you can guess are not in some weird social security sites without any security or randomization stuff, so I had to change my ways in order to do automatic stuff on lets say,;
When I've started to check what can I do, it looked weird, no longer possible to send some wget posts with post-data stuff in-order to change some variables. Well, Yeah, it's possible, but facebook is using some techniques to make it harder and with some random variables for sessions and stuff like that. So using wget to post stuff is out of the question
I've thought hard what to do? Well, I can start a session using python, act like a browser and do my thing, but facebook actually detects which browser are not scripts and doesn't want script to do stuff on it (like you think).
So, I've remembered there's a library for python called PyWinAuto which uses the gui of programs you want (enumerate windows and such, i.e : Click on the program File Menu and afterward click on New, then enter in the box 1.txt and click okay)
But guess what, I'm not a windows user, and wanted more general solution for Linux... so I've searched for automation for python/firefox and havn't found anything spectacular.
I've decided to use mozrepl and saw that it can be an interactive debugger for javascript (so cool!). But it's not what I've wanted:

it's not in python
it's interactive and cannot be made as a script

So What I've decided to do is build a python wrapper for it (on sourceforge soon), and uses javascript to interact with the objects on
I didn't know it before that javascript can be ridiculously powerful!
There's so much you can do using it, so what's ended up is that I've made a pythonish javascript debugger using mozrepl so I can use javascript on the session of firefox using python! so fucking cool.
Afterward I've made a script that sends automatic messages , and I guess I'm not limited to nothing, the skies are the limit with javascript dynamic debugger and python powerful stuff.
I can auto reply on messages, I can auto status updates, etc!

So my tour forward my goal had a bit of research but it was really a nice project. Soon I will post links to download it :]
User Journal

Journal Journal: How to watch movies with MPlayer with Hebrew Fonts

Here's what I've done :
I got some fonts from regular Windows installation from %windir%\Fonts\ such as arial*.ttf, etc to a folder which I've made : /usr/share/fonts/TrueType
So far so good, you can download the same fonts from HERE
I've done the following commands :

su -c "cp -v /usr/share/fonts/TrueType/arial.ttf ~<b>your-username</b>/.mplayer/subfont.ttf" <br>
echo "subfont-encoding='ISO8859-8'" >> ~/.mplayer/config<br>
echo "font='/usr/share/fonts/TrueType/arial.ttf'" >> ~/.mplayer/config<br>
<b>finally : </b><br>
mplayer -sub "/path/to/subtitle" -fs /path/to/*.avi<br>

Enjoy your movies :)

The Internet

Journal Journal: Ultimate usage of computer knowledge is GETTING GIRLS?!

We got a very popular local site which is like myspace, you can meet friends, send messages via the website, etc.
Though, the popular usage of this site around here (in Israel) is basically to meet girls in the same age (there are lots of them in this site, and ~probably 70% of Israeli young generation use this website). <br> As you already figured out, I hope, our main goal, as males, in this world are to meet females, but can a bit sophistication help?

I didn't register the above site, and in-fact held myself against registration to sites like these, but I couldn't resist, and found myself, like my friends, wasting time and searching girls in this website. But I always thought (always == 2 minutes), can I make this automatic? If so? Maybe I should waste a bit of time just to do this as a challenge ?

So, I've used the website search functions and searched for the following : (I'm 19 years old BTW) 17-19 Girls old, Without a boy-friend, holds a valid picture in this web, that live near me --> It found 9000 Girls(!!) but, it only printed maximum of 25 users per page and only 7 pages of search. It took me some time, but after investigating a bit I've found out that I can make the server print whatever number I want of girls per page with a little modification of the POST method [the problem was that he checked the first parameter, but the second post, was never confirmed], so I've edited that field to 3000, and saved 2 of these pages.

Using Bash, I've done the following script to get only their site ID :<br>

#!/bin/bash -x
                                echo USAGE : enter $0 filename output-file;
                                exit 1
(($# == 2)) || usage;
echo Executing;
cat $1 | grep tid= | cut -d "=" -f 1,2 | cut -d '"' -f 3 | sort | uniq > $2;

So I now got 2 files of IDs, combined them into 1 file, and the next thing would be, filtering which one of them is blond or not? I've built the following script:

usage ()
                                echo Enter $0 word-to-be-filtered-on list-of-tids

if [ "$#" != "2" ]; then
                                exit 1

for i in $(cat $2); do
                                wget --load-cookies=/home/zuki/.mozilla/firefox/some-junk-string.default/cookies.txt http://site-name/Profile.asp?MemberID=$i -O tmp/$i.out; #path-to-cookie-file-is-hardcoded
                                cat tmp/$i.out | grep "$1" && echo $i >> list.out;
echo Succeded! Run ./SendMessage list.out Subject Message
exit 0;

I've entered to the site first with firefox in order that the cookie will be saved and my user would be authenticated, afterwards I used the firefox authentication at the wget command with the --load-cookies parameter, because users which are not logged in cannot view people's private album/profile in this specific website.

as you can already tell, the next step would be to send to every hmmm... blond? girl, that matches the above statistics, a generic message with the sentence : "Hi" on subject and "What's up" on the message body.<br>
I've investigated a bit, how the send message works, and built the following script that allows me, authenticated, send inline messages in the site to specific user :

#!/bin/bash -x
usage ()
                                echo Enter $0 list-of-tids Subject Message
if [ "$#" != "3" ]; then
                                exit 1
for i in $(cat $1); do
                                echo Sending msg to $i
                                wget --load-cookies=/home/zuki/.mozilla/firefox/some-strng.default/cookies.txt http://website-addr/send.asp--post-data="mail.asp&Rec=%5P%D$iSEP%5D&subject=$2&content=$3" -O out\\$i.out.message;
exit 0;

so I'm posting to all the blond girls, age 17-19, from my area, the message : "Hi, what's up?"

Can you find another way to use knowledge better? :)

P.S : It was only done for fun, I can actually get girls ( I hope ) when I go out (I do, I swear :) ), but this was done for only as a technology challenge to meet up with girls.
No harm was done by publishing this, I've changed the parameters of necessary information to do the same.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Slackware 12.0 here I come!

So... a while ago I've started to download Slackware 12.0 DVD Iso, which became my worst downloading nightmare, ever.
I've downloaded the Slackware 12.0 torrent and waited for it to finish, after 2 weeks or so, it was something like 98% done! but then, someone hard-shutdown my computer, and most of the pieces were wrong and it tried to download 95% of the 98% pieces. It took me another 2 weeks, but I'm done! md5sum for the ISO showed a good ISO and I was actually quite happy :)
So... I wanted to format my dual boot winxp-slackware11.0 computer, but I havn't used the XP for like 1 year, so I thought I might drop by to check how's the XP going.
When I've entered the windows XP I've found out I had a password to enter XP, so I've tried all the password I use in many variation un-till the user got locked.
I've restarted to Slackware 11.0 and searched for solutions on the internet, and found out there's a linux-based live-cd that re-write the SAM (Security Accounts Manager) but it was too late, cause it doesn't know how to handle a locked users.
I had in-fact to reinsert win-xp installation CD to repair the locking and so that's what I've done, after that I re-used the linux-based live-cd to override the SAM's current password, and WALLA, I got in.

But then I've found out there's nothing important like I thought while I was looking at the computer from the linux Terminal, but had to make sure, and I've restarted again to re-install the Windows XP (this time with only 35 GB unlike 60 the other time).
Done that... was a charm (NOT!) and then I've had time to the real installation, SLACKWARE 12.0!! , I was excited, at first I used the Kernel for the Installation, and it worked like a charm, finished the Installation and I was like... I got a strong feeling I will get a kernel panic on this one. So I was right, and I got a kernel-panic, for no-reason (Well... It said that VFS was not mounted, but actually there was not reason for it to happened [ I've also tried to log with appending some lines in lilo like : root=/dev/sda2 noinitrd... etc, nothing helped] ).
So I've re-installed using the normal Kernel, and found out there's something even weirder in that installation : /sbin/ wasn't really mount, which means that the step from VFS to Real FS wasn't really made, and I'm not sure why I didn't get any kernel panic!
I've reinstalled using the kernel, and done the same stuff I did in the first installation, thought this time I gave /opt more 5 gb, that's the only difference from the first installation, it worked!, why? I don't know.
Giving more 5 GB to /opt shouldn't have had any affect on the computer!!
That was totally weird, but I didn't stay their to ask my computer why it didn't work.. I've installed some necessary programs such as checkinstall, aMule, Azerus , configured my own box such as things on start-up scripts, ssh, customization of my DHCPCD script, and such and such stuff, compiled a newer kernel
I was done, and now I can be happy with my-self, I'm on my new Slackware 12.0.

Good bye, and enjoy the week :)
User Journal

Journal Journal: Google is using ASPX?!

It's weird, I've always thought Google is using linux based OS, with typical-linux languages (try googling : Python and check the "GOOGLE IS LOOKING FOR PYTHONERS" AD). But I've entered Google which is actually my homepage and saw a link to a survey by Google to improve customer experience or so.
Here's a SS to the link that appeared at my homepage (check the address at the title bar as-well) : Screenshot 1

Here's the page that I got into to fill-up the survey : Screenshot 2
So was it by mistake? or will we see a new businesses between Microsoft (The aspx promoter) and Google (the linux promoter --> python,perl,php promoter).

As an Open Source guy, I got disappointed from Google, so did you?

It turns out that Google hired confirmit to make their survey. They are using Microsoft's ASPX and Google didn't think it will bother their image this support to the closed source by Microsoft.
Itzhak Avraham itz2000 [,AT.}gmail,com

Journal Journal: Some stuff :)

Well.. After a successful installation of Windows on Linux (last week) with KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine), I've find out the truth I knew before, It will work, but slow, hell slow. So I'm not using that Windows much, but would I even used it if it were hell fast? hell no!.
I currently got 512 MB Ram on this computer, so that's the problem I guess, I will post some screenshots but I don't think anyone actually matters :)
This week went fast, but it was very tough at work. It will get better next week when I have 1.5 days off since we got a holiday here in Israel named Shavout (which translates into English : "Weeks"==Shavout). It will be great I guess.

ohh I almost forgot and will upload the screenshots now...
I've taken advantage of this uploading waste of time and opened a new folder on one of my websites named Linux which will include my sceenshots which I make from time to time (which makes me think, maybe I should have called it screenshots instead??). The path is : and here's the screenshotted files
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6

Till next time, echo "GOOD-BYE" > /dev/null

Journal Journal: Customized my linux box

Hi!, This is my first Journal post and I'm happy to share my great day with you.
I'm Itzhak A. also known as Zuki, and I'm a computer freak like we all are, and a Linux G33k.
Here's my first post... Enjoy
I just got bored and here's what I got today :
Before the customization I had 80GB partition Linux Slackware 11 (latest kernel) and Windows XP SP2 80 GB which I almost never used (I've made it once I moved into Linux, but never looked back to delete it after I've finally UPGRADED). Today I've decided to use kernel 2.6.20+ feature which is KVM : Kernel based Virtual Machine. I'm using qemu and now after creating image for disk and image for XP using the dd command, I'm installing Windows XP as virtualized OS inside of Slackware 11.
Which is
A. Cool
B. After so I will delete the Windows partition so I will have more space for my own.
C. A feature of Kernel 2.6.20 and above that I was dying to use and now I got some time do use it.

Here's a screenshot of the installing face : ScreenSHOT

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