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The Internet

Journal Journal: Time To Take Control

It is a fact that ISPs do deep packet inspection, some say for security reasons and some for pure profiteering (BT). They have already started restricting/experimenting with some "kinds" of traffic (mainly p2p, maybe next in line is video traffic) and now some have started imposing bandwidth limits. Though there are some attempts being made to "detect" ISP Throttling but is that enough?

Its not far fetched that ISP "might" charge you for visiting some sites (a site subscription model).
If this happens the implications of this are far reaching and its end of Internet as we know it. The revolution that is free information exchange, of voicing opinions, of bringing awareness to the MASSES will become thing of the past. How do we fight this, especially when dealing with Billion Dollar Corporations. How can we still keep information exchange free? We need to start finding solutions. Couple of things that come to mind

Setup a Non-Profit ISP (run by internet activists) - A neutral body which wont take any stance on nature of content online. Let the majority internet users decide (some kind of voting - digg, slashdot) what content is "seen" or what is "buried". I know this seems far fetched but maybe we can find a feasible way to do it.
One technology that comes to mind is "Mobile Ad Hoc Networks". As the number of wireless or mobile devices grow using this technology becomes realistic (Still lots of chinks to work out as this field is still in its infancy). We should aggressively start exploring and implementing this technology in real world scenario

These options and many more should be explored, developed and implemented soon, while we still can. I think its time we put our heads together.

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