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Comment Re:Expectation (Score 1) 224

And you fail to meet the challenge. Does that mean anything? Should you sleep with your sister's best friend or come clean with your wife about the farm hand's hands. All indications point to 'YES' but do retry any 8-ball you wish to consult. In the meantime, please refrain from anal sex: it's dirty-naughty, and God knows about it. Sweetie. x

Comment Re:Expectation (Score 1) 224

I have to say that bergamot and vetiver smell good to me. I avoid shagging vetiver plants, not just because they're spiky, and I haven't shagged a bergamot bush partly because I've not actually seen one, and partly because *who shags a bush*? But apparently, my esteemed co-comenteer likes 'the smell of a woman'. Aside from 80s films, does such a thing exist, and why, one might ask, is that the 'natural' thing to be doing? I do lots of unnatural things, but I don't count my sexual encounters among them. Using a fork, walking erect (footwise, I mean), reaching round the back of my head with a limb that's not supposed to get there... all unnatural. Fucking a man... well, that might seem natural to you if you either study penguins or actually try it. Make sure your wife's out of town. :)

Comment Re:Expectation (Score 2, Insightful) 224

Your post saddens me in ways that I shouldn't even consider. What does it mean when you say you're 'sickened' by something? Does it mean you feel you're unlikely to do that thing, or that the thing in question would make you physically ill, and you might vomit. Would you be prepared to try it to find out, or are you so certain it's... well, not 'wrong' per se, but 'sickening', that you'd be unable to physically contemplate it?

I'm gay, and I regularly place other men's penises in my mouth. Well, one man in particular, actually, in the same way that you probably place your penis in your wife's mouth, vagina or, judging from your post, not her anus. One might ask why it's acceptable for you to push it in her mouth or vagina but not her anus, and while that's entirely the point here, let's not go there. Oh, look - I made a nearly-funny.

I sleep with my partner, and what we do in the bedroom involves inserting parts of me into parts of him, in the same way that you insert parts of you into parts of her. Nothing's dirty or nasty; you don't even know which parts go into which parts. In fact, there are millions of people who insert parts far weirder than you've even considered into places you've never even imagined parts can be inserted. You can buy the DVDs if you're interested. I'm not: what I'm interested is in if you can convince me that you placing your most private, most intimate part into someone else's most private, most intimate part is somehow more special and somehow sacred than me placing my most private, most intimate part in someone else's chosen private, most intimate orifice?

In short, Mr. 'I'm sickened' - oh, whatever. I've been gaybashed on the street by thugs who made a more eloquent argument.

Comment Re:Android (Score 0) 132

Yeah, but the arguments about iOS are about how they're stopping people doing dodgy things. The arguments about Android are about how people are running amok, able to do whatever they want despite Google. Never mind which allows you your freedom - you are not the average user. Which one - iOS or Android - is the one you choose to keep pictures of your grandkids on?

Comment Re:Android (Score 0) 132

Ignore the haters. I, and many others, concur. Android is a deathtrap of viruses, harvesting, trojans and misinformation. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. The opposite of a walled garden is surely an entirely open one, and unless you go round with the hoe, the weeds will grow. Apologies for rhyming; 'cause it's true. Equip Gran with a new 'droid tablet, and watch her money slowly be sapped from her account, or give her a new iPad and watch her shop at the App Store. Super stuff - no credit card drainage, no worries about trojans, no viruses. Sorted.

Comment Re:hrmmmm (Score 1) 387

The whole concept is ridiculous - you're saying 'I know the consumer needs to clean up their installation, but I'll offer to install RAM they don't need, then clean up their installation, let them pay for the fake RAM then hope they don't discover I've sneakily cleaned up their installation rather than giving them the RAM they paid for'. Perhaps you should pick out a special superhero costume to go with it. You're thinking FakeRAMGuy or something; I'm thinking 'Pratman'.

Comment Re:We all have different limits (Score 1) 510

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