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User Journal

Journal Journal: we write the source

I can probe you,
double strobe and reload you--
get in your mind and fschk you.
I don't care if you're SCSI or ATA -- the parity is here.
Don't despair, feel uncertainty or fear,
there are plenty of places to go from here
without having to ever go near
that elixer Seatle's fronting -- ha! -- more like a fixer-upper
but who'd front 'er or want to fix 'er?
you need a penguin for your engine
like Super Mario -- he shoots! he scores!
Just dump 'er and put in a pumper

Now Linus -- he's dope,
he wrote more code than most
no talk of cost on his coast
we should raise a pint to him and toast
he grew a tree and gave it away free
saying no one owns technology.

And don't you mess with RMS whose GPL grew
because someone jacked Emacs
without sharing a patch
the goodwill of the people refuted
property instituted
cuz Gosling wouldn't share back his voodoo
would you? should you?
well, that's the Brew for you.
For me? Not open-sourced? -- no thank-you.

hrmpf. some private company wants me to pay?
so I can use their custom foobar()? -- no way!
we the people should decree:
"never shall a company
be allowed to make a standard
or have the rights of even animals
not even for awhile -- or less"
just look at any business (can I get a witness?)
its never in their interest really
to do the best things for humanity

HEY SCO -- off my stash!
I'll kick your ass!
a trick-hack a fast-hash
all your data belong to cache
anything that I can C
on my machine with gcc
is everything that is Free
who can say I stole a thing?

Now sling with me:
PHP not the prequels
sorry Ruby and Perl
you may be gems
but you aren't quite equals
lets talk your sql
MySQL, PostgreSQL
but not Firebird db
for going gorilla on Mozilla
they can eat me
cause they are freaky
wanting to own a name is so creepy
why is everyone so up about property?

Do they think they can own me?
And think my thoughts for me?
Make me pay for things that by all rights ought be free?
If I see what you're saying
do you own what I saw?
If its a good idea then get off the pot and share it
don't bogart it or impair it
you'll be dead one day so parrot it
let someone else be nourished and feed on it
taste it and feel it
be freed by and free it
hey, its not like you lose it
its like sex:
even after you let loose
you can still use it
wellllll at least you still got it
and its better when your partner
doesn't ask you to pay for it
so don't be a slave to it
when you are generous
your karma is raised by it

And get those sticky fingers off my dial
I already paid for the CD
I can make my own file
you can mount my disk
but I still ain't gonna heil ya!
I'd rather de-file ya,
that's right I'd rm -rf * ya
I'd assign ya to /dev/null and be done with ya
I don't need to run from ya 'cause I wouldn't even run ya
you're *almost* like the Onion:
you're a parody but you don't have any fun in ya
we didn't elect ya
now we're gonna deselect ya
we reject ya and eject ya
There's no one left to protect ya
so when you breath you last breath
there will be no one to resururect ya
do you get it yet?
we don't like you
go back home with your arrogant "smite you"s
you know we're gonna fight you
we're gonna byte you bozos
we'll wipe you out like you wiped out the dodos
and the ozone and stole DNA from the unborn
man, you probably killed the unicorn
but you'll see, you'll get a sense of history
and your part in it
the epitaph, please--it reads:
"Companies, Rest In Pieces --
you sure enjoyed your 15 minutes."

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