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The Gimp

Journal Journal: Troll Blacklist (and goodbye)

It's going to be a new year; perfect time for me to discontinue posting with my account.

As stated before, I feel that my foes list makes for a nice troll blacklist. Hope that helps you out as it did for me.

Happy New Year, Everyone.


User Journal

Journal Journal: Please mod me down

A member of the Slashdot community writes:

I have marked people like xeno_gearz as a foe because he is nothing more than a cheap karma whore. Some of his ideas may be original, but frankly, its just preaching to the choir in order to get karma.

Obviously he does not like being marked as a foe, so he marked me as a foe. Fine. I don't care. Its fair game.

But what is really upsetting me now is that he is claming that his account is now an accurate "Troll Blacklist". Oh really, Mr. xeno_gearz? I mark you as a foe, then you retaliate by marking me as a foe and labeling me as a troll?

It seems to me that you're just a cheap karma whore, not a Savior of Slashdot.

I replied by stating that by looking at the person's comment history, I see that I had accidentally put them down on my troll list. I have since removed them. I have had a lot of the GNAA, and various other trolls, putting me down on their foe list recently and when I had about seven of them add me as a foe so I did the same. Rightly so as they are major trolls on this board. In the act of such I believe that I added the person on accident as well.

I have found that for the most part I don't really care about Slashdot anymore so thought I would put together a foe list of trolls. I thought it would be a neat experiment. Kind of like "Troll Blacklist" or the admittedly strange "Santa's List". Obviously, I need to be careful as to who I add to the list if it is going to hold any relevance. In that sense, perhaps this list is not relevant at all. In that case, please add me to your foe list and mod me down.

People could debate about whether I'm a troll or not but I don't care to argue about such. If you don't like my comments, I can understand that. Also I could care less. If that is the case, please mod me down when you get mod points. As I stated, I could care less about karma.

Speaking of accounts that are based on strange experiments and concepts, I really miss losenotlooseguy. So needed on this board sometimes.

In conclusion, as you can see from the post above, I can certainly make mistakes. If you don't like it please mod me down.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: Troll Blacklist

Okay, I recently have been posting as I have seen some interesting things on Slashdot that have caught my eye. For the time being I will continue to post with my account, however I plan to eventually retire the account and just leave the foe list for people to use as a reference. Recognizing that for this to be a real troll blacklist I should remove any friends [except for other known troll blacklists], I will do this soon.

It has been an interesting week. The loss of the ESA's Beagle, the recent Mad Cow outbreak, and the Awful movie: Paycheck; each tragedy has caused me to die a little on the inside. I, however, continue to forge on though and wish each of you a Happy Holidays...

First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal Journal: This is a Troll Blacklist

To hell with posting on Slashdot. I will be just using my account as a troll blacklist. I think that I have a pretty good list of trolls now. Also, I have been pretty conservative as to who I add to the list. If there is anyone on this list that you feel was incorrectly placed on my foe list, let me know and I will investigate.

Set to frag...

Journal Journal: Overrated?

Actually, I think I was modbombed. Otherwise it is unexplainable. Granted, perhaps my posting did not warrant the "+5, Insightful" it had originally been awarded. I'll be the first to admit that. However, if that is the case then why does an obvious piece of flamebait [Walmart is evil and full of controversy (Score:5, Insightful)] several posts below me get modded up? Plus this piece of insipid crap [Censorship (Score:5, Insightful)] gets modded "5, Insightful". It's just that sometimes the moderation system here bothers me. I however feel that with a site with this much traffic and users, perhaps the current moderation system is the best available. Unfortunately, I see the moderation system abused quite often and find it to be somewhat frustrating. But hey, I like the content here at Slashdot so what can I do?

It's refreshing to see people go out on a limb sometimes and express an unpopular opinion even if they have to burn a little karma. The groupthink that permeates this site is sometimes overwhelming and I enjoy coming here for discussion. These discussions, of course, include opposing opinions. Unfortunately, the groupthink-bots here often seem to think that a differing opinion is simply flamebait. Admittedly, I usually read at a threshold of 4 or 5 but sometimes there are some interesting opinions expressed in the lower thresholds.

End of Rant oops, I mean End of Line


Journal Journal: LAB 6 WORKSHEET


1. What process translates the HDL (hardware description language) into a netlist?

The FPGA Express Synthesis Process is what translates the HDL (hardware description language) into a netlist.

2. Give two examples of projects that are good for FPGAs.

FPGA architecture is good for projects that require a large number of inputs and outputs but are not adversely affected by the FPGAs need to be programmed after each power cycle. Examples of projects that are good for FPGAs include missile technology and modem & digital signal processing.

3. Give two examples of projects that are good for CPLDs.

CPLDs are good for projects that require wide logic, for example memory interfaces, low-power applications, bus control, and mp3 players.

4. What does an accumulator do?

Accumulators are a major portion of any large digital logic or DSP project. Accumulators are very similar to counters. Accumulators differ from counters in the nature of the operands of the add and subtract operation. An accumulator can be up, down, or updown. Accumulators can be compared to a file cabinet, in terms of operation.

5. What is the difference between a CLB and an IOB?

CLBs (Configurable Logic Blocks) are inside the device and are surrounded by the IOBs (Input/ Output Blocks).

6. Why is it good to be able to reuse sections of code for different projects?

Reusing code for different projects reduces time spent on development and allows for more time to focus on implementing the design via the actual components. Reusing code is also good as it keeps the code compact and portable and makes the resulting project easier to read (functions handle large parts of the program and therefore keeps the main compact and easy to read).

7. An FPGA loses its programming when the power is removed. Think of a reason or application where this would be a good thing (think militarily).

An application that would be good for FPGAs is the circuitry of missiles that are deployed into hostile territory. The advantage is that if the missile were unable to detonate, the program would still be lost and therefore irretrievable upon the loss of power. This would help prevent the program code from being intercepted by the adversary.

8. In floorplanner, on a SpartanXL, what three things make up a CLB?

CLBs are made up of 1) Flip-Flops, 2) Function Generator, and 3) Tristate Buffers.

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