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Comment Re:.....this is news? (Score 2) 71

I worked at an online real-estate service in the early 90's, we let realtors mail us floppy disks that our VB app had written listing information onto. One of our jobs was to run through the stack of floppies in the mail every day. So many viruses. People really were clueless about AV protection and were just swapping disks.

Comment Migration issue (Score 1) 626

There are candidate languages already like Esperanto as has been pointed out. I think what you're looking for is a path to get from here to there. Artificially, I think you'd want education, books, newscasters etc. to start deliberately moving what we see as "proper" language towards the new language. Start introducing borrow-words that are easy to infer meaning of from usage. Begin tweaking word order in subtle ways towards the target. Let people pick it up over generations. Over the course of 100, 200 years with concerted effort the entire planet could be speaking one language. Maybe shorter. But the coordination it would take would be unprecedented.

Comment Re:Artists paid 16 times as much for Spotify than (Score 1) 305

I think you're assuming that most people would have spent more than $10 a month without spotify. You can argue the dollar amount, but one album a month is probably a pretty good starting point as an average spend. Just because I can listen to thousands of albums in a month doesn't mean I would have otherwise bought thousands of albums in a month.

Comment Terribly difficult to filter image search (Score 1) 52

The way Google has implemented image search, the thumbnails that come back are incredibly difficult to filter even using DNS services. Sure, you can set Safe Mode in the browser, but all a kid needs to do is open a different browser, delete cookies or go into private mode. The current best approach that I'm aware of is URL re-writing (to force-append the safe search parameter to every request) - and that is beyond what most people can do with a home wireless router. Something like creating would go a long way to making this easy for parents (in conjunction with something like OpenDNS).

Comment Re:Could turn our lives into a dystopia... (Score 1) 127

Or, more likely, soldiers. Imagine all of your troops experiencing this at once just before battle.

Current to the anterior midcingulate cortex gave both patients an increased heart rate, physical sensation in the chest or neck, and “anticipation of challenge coupled with strong motivation to overcome it”

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