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Comment How about we hire based on competency? (Score 1) 397

I work in Silicon Valley and have worked at several startups. I am also white. I am also the minority. In most of the companies where I have worked, the majority of the software people have been Indian or Asian. Other jobs in the companies seem to be predominantly white/American. Why do I think this is? Well, our education system and values are a good start. We have been trying to grow the company and have several head count to fill. Most candidates coming in the door are also Indian or Asian, have at *minimum* a Master's degree or PhD, and are very driven to succeed. We pick candidates solely based on their skill sets. If a green girl with tentacles came into the office and was a good technical and business culture fit, we would hire them. Want to get more African-American and Latinos in our doors? Make them better candidates. Period.

Comment Funny... (Score 1) 379

I am getting close to 40 (geez, really?) and have had no problem. Could it be that the people complaining simply don't have the skills necessary to compete? I think that it is more that these 20-year-olds turned CTO/CIO/CEO simply have no clue what they're doing, and are hiring people that are style over substance. However, I could be wrong. After all, if you cannot use the newest up-and-coming technology, what do you have to offer, anyway?

Comment Re: So full of nope: Bruce Schneier on this (Score 1) 197

Obama? Pfft... it's the government officials that we *didn't* vote for that should scare you. While I agree with you, I think the point isn't that snatching people up off the streets happens. It is that allowing things like this just brings us one step closer to that reality.

Submission + - Gentoo Linux 2007.0 Released

wolf31o2 writes: "The Gentoo Release Engineering project is pleased to announce the much-delayed release of Gentoo Linux 2007.0, code named "Secret Sauce". This release met with several delays due to an abnormally high number of security vulnerabilities in large packages which had to be rebuilt using the newer, secure versions of the packages. There was also a complete re-snapshot done about half-way through the release period due to the release taking so long and the packages becoming stale.

You can find out more information about the release in the official press release. To get the new release, grab it from the mirrors."

Submission + - People Don't Know Which Network They're On

Elliot writes: "You don't really know which wireless network you're connected to. "About 14.3 million American households use wireless Internet," and millions of their laptops are configured to automatically connect to common open networks. Attackers can easily set up a wireless hotspot named "Linksys", "D-Link", or "NETGEAR", and unsuspecting laptop users will connect to it. At that point, the hacker could access the laptop's network shares, or act as a "man in the middle" and log their website usage activity. Even more sinister is when the attacker names the network something official, such as "USC Wireless", "Marriott Wireless", or "LAX Wireless", and then redirects the visitor to an official-looking page asking for their log-in and password. Lawmakers are aware of the problem: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law the Wi-Fi User Protection Bill on Sept. 30. Elliot Lee discusses the problem, and suggests that using a reliable VPN is the only way to get a secure connection away from home."

Submission + - An autonomous anti-cancer drug

Roland Piquepaille writes: "As you probably know, researchers have been working for a while to find more efficient ways to deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to their targets. But instead of finding a new drug carrier, why not focusing on a drug that knows its path to the target and which delivers itself to the tumor? This is what University at Buffalo (UB) scientists have done by developing a solution in which the delivery system is the drug itself by using nanocrystals of a hydrophobic drug. But this research work needs to be confirmed before this drug can be approved by the medical regulators. And it will take time... But read more for many additional references and pictures showing these nanocrystals in action."

Submission + - Python and DB2: IBM wants your input

An anonymous reader writes: IBM is looking for feedback and community input in regards to the future implementation of an official Python and DB2 driver. They also accept suggestions in relation to the Django Web framework. Quoting from the announcement: "For a while I've been pushing and promoting the idea (within IBM) of a vendor supported Python driver and Django adapter. It looks like the time has come to start considering this seriously and to allocate appropriate resources for it. And I need your help. I need your feedback and help to collect good ideas, in order for us to create the best driver API that we can". If you are interested in contributing you can join the discussion.

Submission + - AT&T/Cingular Blocking legitimate phone number

kickassweb writes: "PennPIRG is reporting that AT&T/Cingular is blocking calls to the popular, and competing, service,, as well as other similar services.

PennPIRG has learned that AT&T/Cingular recently began blocking phone numbers on its wireless service used by consumers to access free conference call services, such as those provided by Free Conference The telephone giant has argued that calls to free conference call services are resulting in millions of dollars in losses to the company due to re-routing and termination fees, and has sued free conference call services and local phone companies in Iowa over the fees.

The article goes on to state that the free conference call service being blocked competes directly with Cingular's conference call service, and that this is the type of anti-consumer action we can expect on the internet if Net Neutrality is not mandated."

Submission + - A United Federation of Planet Earth

UltimaGuy writes: "Fourteen space agencies around the world have agreed to coordinate their space exploration efforts, paving the way for truly planet-wide collaboration in space science. The agencies involved are from Italy, Japan, China, Britain, France, America, India, Korea, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Germany, Australia and ESA, the European Space Agency. Will this be the beginning of a new era in space exploration ?"

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