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Submission + - Global Warming, Not All That Bad?

Moses48 writes: "An interesting article from a Meteorologist about global warming. Is it really such a bad thing? Take note of the credentials of the author. "A warmer climate could prove to be more beneficial than the one we have now. Much of the alarm over climate change is based on ignorance of what is normal for weather and climate.""

Submission + - Month of PHP Bugs has started

An anonymous reader writes: The previously announced Month of PHP Bugs has started three days ago here and already lists 8 security vulnerabilities in PHP and PHP related software.

"This initiative is an effort to improve the security of PHP. However we will not concentrate on problems in the PHP language that might result in insecure PHP applications, but on security vulnerabilities in the PHP core. During March 2007 old and new security vulnerabilities in the Zend Engine, the PHP core and the PHP extensions will be disclosed on a day by day basis. We will also point out necessary changes in the current vulnerability managment process used by the PHP Security Response Team."

Submission + - Vista file security < XP file security

Ksigpaul writes: Microsoft claims that Vista is a huge step forward in security, but one has to question this by some very deliberate choices between the Vista flavors. We all know the BitLocker(TM) technology is only available to Ultimate and Business users but what about EFS? Windows XP Professional has the EFS technology built in but you have to buy the 300+ Vista Ultimate just to be able to encrypt individual files in Vista. Can a community outcry or a couple of good articles from respected journalists essentially force Microsoft to include this for their Home Basic and Home Premium customers? Home customers have important files and are occassionaly burglarized or the victim of a laptop theft.

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