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Journal Journal: watch out education users

Well guess I should put something in this journal.. and I will start with my Apple rant!!!!

I was so excited to get a Dual 1.25 GHz G4 for work. The G4 500 I have now is nice but OS X is a pig that requires some DDR and 64 meg video when you are using it for web page production. So when the box arrived I gave myself a week to set it up because I wanted to play... Well 3.5 weeks later it still doesn't work and Apple finally declares it DOA.

So what happened? Day it came out of the box - file error -45. Look it up on their site if you want, it is basically a file write error. So dismayed I seek help from the store it was purchased through.. guess what? I was told it will be DOA and you will have a new one in a couple days.

Nope. Apple doesn't DOA education machines anymore??? They wanted it fixed. So new HD, nope, new mother board, nope, finally after a little rage release it gets declared DOA. But come on, 3.5 weeks!!!... a new model must be coming out soon!

So the moral of the story - stupid expensive Apples are not reliable and don't trust Apple to solve the problem quickly.

We apple users really like punishment I guess.

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