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Comment Re:Quite the opposite (Score 1) 408

I don't get it. How a missile defense system placed in eastern Europe can block Russia's missiles? Defense system should be placed here in Finland because if I'm not totally incorrect, ballistic missiles would travel over us on their way to the US from Russia, not over where they are planning to install the system. And besides, Russia has Kalingrad which is on the other/wrong side of the defense system. Also they could launch the missiles from their east coast over the Pacific, as China could too.

Comment Re:Learn to say no (Score 1) 304

I was in a brief seminar some time ago where a consultant came to tell us (among other things) about time management. What strike me first funny, then rather interesting, was that his first sentences was "Time management is a stupid concept. You can't manage time.". The simple idea was that you have X amount of time in your calendar and that X doesn't change, ever. How you fill that X is other question. The thing is, just like you say, to learn to say no. If you need to start prioritize your tasks, you are already failing, because you need to fill in a spot in your calendar when you prioritize your tasks, which takes time off of the actual work. It's a vicious circle. You are simply doing too much because you didn't say no.

Now, of course, every person is not his own boss so taking this idea of doing-too-much upwards in a corporate ladder is hard. But analysis says (can't remember which analysis) that people who doesn't have to think about prioritizing work tasks all the time tend to be happier at work and happier worker means more effective work.

Currently I'm curiously observing how and if these consultant's ideas work. He had some interesting ideas other than time managing also.

Comment Re:I'm a self-taught programmer (Score 1) 523

I'm also a self-taught programmer. I can't remember how old I was when I got my hands on Commodore 64 and later Commodore 128 and their Basic. It must've been somewhere 1982-1985 so I was under 10 back then (I've born in 1977). I've never learned programming at school. In fact I went to business school and was allowed to skip all the computer classes :)

To put it short, the thing is you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. For example I can't write 3D stuff or anything that takes complex mathematics but I sure heck can write a full blown CRM app for you. And I'm quite fine with that as long as the paycheck comes every month.

Comment Re:Anti-competitive? (Score 1) 748

Time and time again I need to explain this in Slashdot. Operating System does not know, does not care, if executable is malicious or not. It happily executes it when user doubleclicks nude_pics.exe. It's up to AV software to keep track which executables are considered evil and which not and protect user from his/her own stupidity.

Comment Re:Discuss their evildoing (Score 2) 129

Yes, anonymous = nimetÃn. Anomuumi is not actually a word at all. It can be a mix of the word "anonymous" and "muumi" where "muumi" means Moomin but I'm not sure about this. Basically it's just common nickname which a lot of people use. In fact, I used it some years ago at Helsingin Sanomat forum but I'm not the Anomuumi in question here.

And what comes to the incident, my knowledge is that Anonymous has already denied that they had anything to do with this.

Comment Re:Backup and fill-in (Score 1) 394

Well, yes it is if there's high enough mountains where you can pump the water using solar. Finland doesn't have but Sweden and Norway do. But then again, you need solar. I'm not sure about southern parts of Sweden if there's enough sun all through the year. Finland definitely doesn't have.

Comment Re:Backup and fill-in (Score 1) 394

So what would you suggest? It's 8:40 am and it pretty dark out there and not a single leaf is moving in trees so there's no wind. And I'm living in southern part of Finland, at Tampere to be precise.

You can forget solar in Finland. It only works on small scale and is really unreliable. What comes to wind, I've read that there are couple of places which probably would have enough wind. But the problem is, who wants to have wind farms at the ocean shore or floating in the ocean? I don't. Other places it is said to be windy enough are hill tops at northern part of Finland. There isn't population much up there so maybe the NIMBY effect would be low but it would most likely kill tourism because it would kill the scenery. Besides the regulations about construction is so strict that you can't even expand a single hotel up there without years of fight with the government.

Hydro perhaps. Unfortunately every one of our rivers are being already used. There's some plans to build artificial lakes up in north but environment regulations prevents that.

So what's left... Burning leftovers from forest industry and turf. Those won't really resolve anything. They are just big cash machines to some few, at least what I've read. Importing energy from neighboring countries. We are currently importing one nuclear plant's worth of electricity from Russia. Sweden and Norway has hydro but they are running their power schemes with Denmark (buying wind cheap, selling hydro not-so-cheap).

If anyone has answer to our problem I'd say many of our politicians and every one of our industry owners would jump through the roof with joy!

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

I didn't get headache or anything like that but I couldn't see the movie! I couldn't read subtitles, they were all blurred (luckily I understand spoken English). If the 3D effects was in the middle of the screen I couldn't see them clearly but if they were on the sides I could make something out of them. So I missed half of the movie (Thor) and have to go see it in old fashion 2D. Glasses were working fine and my date sitting next to me could see the movie just fine so it must be something with my eyes. If you have problems with eye vision (distortion, squint) like I do, I don't recommend 3D at all.

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