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Comment Oh come on! (Score 4, Insightful) 401

Don't you remember all the different chargers? I love being able to use any micro USB charger with any phone or camera. No more digging around to find the proprietary charger that I may have labelled to identify the device that it works with. It may pay the individual companies to design their own proprietary chargers and still be better for the consumer for the government to insist on a single design standard. The "free market" isn't some wonder drug.

Submission + - Intuit stores users' ids, passwords and financial data

wbean writes: I wonder how many Quicken users understand that their user ids, passwords and financial data are stored on Intuit servers. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Take a look at this link:

Click on the "Express Web Connect / Quicken Connect — Details" link near the bottom of the page to get the full scoop on what Intuit stores.

Comment Old-Timer's Advice (Score 1) 340

I've been working with computers since 1961. I've had decades of back problems. Standing is not the answer. Get up and walk around - frequently. If you can stand it walk several miles a day. I just had a 50th college reunion and I think I'm better off than many of my classmates because of walking and exercises. Start now.

Comment Maxwell's equations fail? (Score 2) 76

Tech reporters should be licensed. I seriously doubt that Maxwell's equations are failing: "Maxwell’s equations explain how high-frequency flows of electrons in conductors generate electromagnetic waves, but they do not explain how an insulating material, where there is no flow of electrons, would also act as an antenna."

Comment We ran for yearswith no firewall - and no problems (Score 1) 348

We ran a Windows server for many years with no firewall. We took credit card info (which was immediately encrypted). We had spent over a month hardening the server by shutting down all but the services that we truly needed. We never had a problem with that arrangement. We added a firewall when PCI required it but I'm still not convinced that it mattered.

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