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Journal Journal: Microsoft Certifications

Been taking Microsoft certification tests for my job. The questions have a fantastic way of throwing you off by pouring tons of needless information at you. I fully expect the next test I take to have a question something like this:

You are a network administrator for Foo Corp. You have 3 kids, a wife, and four mortgages. Your only value is your job and your life insurance. Your kids hate you, and your wife would have divorced you years ago if it weren't for them. You have a strong suspicion that she is sleeping with your neighbor. With sales declining rapidly, your boss was forced to lay off 10 more employees, yourself included. As you sit down to your desk for the last time with a heavy sigh, you choke back the tears and log in. You open a remote desktop session to the Domain Controller running the PDC emulator FSMO role using the default Domain Administrator account. You need to disable the accounts of the ten employees. How do you proceed?

  1. Tell your boss to do it himself, you don't work here anymore, what does it matter?
  2. Go to the "Control Panel", open "Administrative Tools" and then "Active Directory Users and Computers". For each account that needs to be disabled, find it, right-click, and choose "Disable Account".
  3. On each Domain Controller, run the command "dcpromo /forceremoval" to demote the server to a member server without doing a final synchronization. Afterward, use gasoline and a set of matches to set fire to the data center. Walk away from it all mumbling something about a stapler.
  4. The loss of your job is the final straw. You tell your boss you are going outside for a smoke, even though you quit 6 years ago. After picking up a pack of smokes and a lighter from the convenience store downstairs, you light one up, and take a heavy drag. An hour later, a bystander tells a police officer that they heard you mutter "Fuck this" right before walking in front of the bus.

HINT: The answer is always "C", unless it is Slashdot, in which case the answer is "3" because lettered lists are not supported.

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