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Journal Journal: Quoted in Groklaw...then again

Wow, I a quote of mine on Slashdot was quoted on Groklaw. pretty cool!

Here is my smart-ass comment on slashdot:

And it's reference on Groklaw:

Guess I'll spend my 15 minutes smiling :-)

For those that have read anything I've posted here, you'll notice most of it is nonsense, typed in on a whim. I not really smart enough to comment intelligently on many a subject, so I usually try to entertain with off-the-cuff nonsense. Seems that much of what I find humorous, is often taken as serious on Slashdot....I just try to not take myself too seriously and most importantly, have some fun.

Update: July 23
My dorky quote is cited again... 15 more minutes! :-)

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Journal Journal: Sun, Java, MS, death and who reads this anyway?

Mindless will Sun rather than open-source Java, instead head it to the end of the line? lets say Sun loses the 2bil too. Lets say MS bails them out (again), lets say sun loses that too. lets say sun is now on death's doorbed. do they sell the java goods to ibm and die, or do they sell themselves for more outright to ms, whereas java becomes something to use against ibm (by killing it, or worse, letting it rot like the Mac applications). Oh well, there could be worse things, it's not like Larry Wall signed his blood to an ms agreement. too bad about sun. I do prefer it to aix and hpux having implemented the same j2ee/oracle application across all 3, but longterm, we all know it's probably linux, or maybe BSD? Does Ellison care? should I?

Groklaw is really something great, check it out.

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Journal Journal: Politics

Trying to figure out how hard it is to properly prove that someone attended their National Guard duty...they do keep records don't they?

I see they pull out paystubs. oh that proves attendance

so is there ANYTHING besides some proving-nothing payroll records and calling anyone who asks about this unpatriotic that can shed some light on this?

and if he did go AWOL and then did get help making it better, when do the impeachment hearings begin?

Just wonderin'

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Journal Journal: How time flied

wow, two weeks since my last entry. and what an entry!

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Journal Journal: Gus

my dog Gus(tav) is pretty cool (golden retr). just wanted to go on record with that. Also have a cat (Loose) Lucy, she's also pretty cool...for a cat. Also have this really cool dead tree, it's about 60 feet tall, every year we get a new batch of red pileated woodpecker chicks and stellar jays hatching in one of the few dozen holes. when the woodpeckers get hungy they chirp loud and often, you can then watch the mom fly off, come back, repeat. a really neat thing about it is that I can watch it all happen as I type this.

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Journal Journal: Slashdot Journal?

Just found that I can start a journal.

will I do something intelligent with it?


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