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Journal Journal: gmail

I finally got around to getting a gmail invite from the wonderful people at the Something Awful Forums . It's good so far, but I really don't send many emails. Mostly I use my college email for automated lists and campus/course-related happenings.

I should get some invites to give out in the future, but I don't know what I'm going to do with them. I'm thinking they'd make good gifts. Selling them on eBay seems a bit pedestrian and I think the prices have dropped too low. With the increased number of invites, most agree that the beta is coming to a close.

On the issue of privacy and gmail text ads, I have no problem with them. Privacy advocates fear Google reading your mail, but it is no better or worse than the automated reading done by most ISP's spam filters.

I'm debating making gmail the primary address for my Slashdot account and disabling the spam obfuscation. That is a decision for another day. I'm going home. It's half price Tuesday for Sicilian style pizza at one of the local pizza place.

Journal Journal: Of moderation and journals

I've cut down on my slashdot reading a bit lately and I recieve mod points nearly constantly. I must have hit the sweet spot on the bell curve.

I've decided to spend the next couple batches only moderating journal comments. In protest, of course. (And maybe throw GMontag a bone when his legion of "mod trolls" go on the attack with Overrated.)

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