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Comment Re:Tax junk food (Score 1) 978

HFCS is used because it is cheaper due to subsidies. I think HFCS will be removed from most sodas in the next five years because the producers know it is causing health issues. Most grocery stores in my area have Pepsi's three main products (Pepsi, Mt. Dew, and Sierra Mist) available without HFCS. Of course they are marketed as "Throwback" or "Natural" but I think they know HFCS in soda will be a PR nightmare in the next few years. In my area you can also buy Coca-Cola imported from Mexico that is HFCS free.

Comment Re:Guiltless thief. (Score 2, Interesting) 329

I agree. The individual artist should be able to profit from their work for the rest of their life. The problem is that a copyright lasts long after the artist is gone. Why does an estate get to profit off the work of a dead individual? If the owner in question is a corporation then the copyright should be valid for a fixed period of time. I would be ok with using the figure of the life expectancy of a female child born in the year the work was created. A female child born in 2003 has a life expectancy of 80.1 years according to the US government. If the rights are sold the copyright expiration should remain the same. If the corporation goes out of business and no one buys the rights then the work should go into the public domain. Individuals and corporations should be allowed to place their works in the public domain at any time during the copyright lifetime with the understanding that the work can not be taken out of the public domain.

Comment Re:Why did this make the front page? (Score 1) 264

I understand organizations must protect their trademarks however there was not a violation here. The National Pork Board trademarked "The other white meat." They do not have a trademark on "The new white meat." If anything the National Pork Board should go after Thinkgeek for falsely representing their product. Any reasonable person knows that unicorn meat is not white but rather is the color of a beautiful spring rainbow. Free range unicorn meat sparkles in the early morning light. Sparkles are added to farm raised unicorn so remember to buy your unicorn meat in the afternoon. If it sparkles in the afternoon it suffered.

Comment Re:Maybe not for the server hardware itself (Score 1) 138

ARM would be a great platform to run a search engine's web spider. The spider box itself doesn't do much processing. It would go out and determine of a page exists or if a page has been updated. The spider would then tell another more powerful system to analyze the contents of the page. The ARM boxes could be powered on and off as needed. I don't think Microsoft would run an entire data center on ARM. I'm guessing they are looking at ARM for an extremely specialized task in their data centers.

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