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Journal Journal: a KjWise tribute

what can i say about kjwise? Jóhann Haukur Gunnarsson is one of the best musicians i've come across. similar in style to aphex twin, but very original as well. pretty much inspired me to learn how to use impulse tracker... well.. him and star control 2. anyways, i suggest you listen to In RAM Only, As Time Flows, Strataheidismatic, Inox Capi, or any of the other great tunes he's put out..
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Journal Journal: why the NHL rules 1

``The puck was just lying there and I just kind of kept whacking at it until it went in,'' Neil said. ``I saw it cross the line and that's when I stopped whacking.''
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Journal Journal: calling all insomniacs

Play Cauldron 2 and relive your commodore 64 memories.. Just recently stumbled onto this wicked flash remake of one of my favourite games of all time, created with an attention to authenticity and detail that can only be described as anal-retentive.

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