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Comment Re:Oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 303

I guess it just went underground for a while, a lot of the bands I listened to at the time were still releasing records on vinyl, and you had to go to record fairs or mail order rather than shops. And releases in that period now sell for a fortune.

I think the internet is something that probably helped, taking that nascent mail order market and making it easier than ever. Discogs probably helped keep quite a few small businesses afloat.

I don't really see it as competitive to the digital or CD marketplace, more an extensive of it enlarging the market as a whole.

Comment Re:Oh for goodness sake (Score 1) 303

Did it really start like that or has it simply never gone away? I started listening to vinyl in the 80s and haven't really stopped since. I've just always found it more enjoyable than either of the digital equivalents, it's just more fun than juggling CDs or file management (and I've tried both).

If you want to push digital files on optical disks then surely you're better off trying to convince those who already buy CDs or have moved to downloads/streaming.

Comment Re:Abandon ship (Score 1) 599

And Photoshop + LightRoom, for those of us who (1) can't easily afford a Mac and (2) must use actual Photoshop + LightRoom and (3) have color-calibration hardware that doesn't necessarily do the right thing when Windows is running as a guest OS.

You're really listing trademarks rather than requirements there (at least for the first two). If you're tied to Acme(TM) then platform becomes pretty much an irrelevance as an independant choice, as you're limited by what Acme(TM) supports.

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