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Journal Journal: NIN Remix, Redux

I noticed that Trent Reznor has remixes going on with ACID, the guys who originally made GarageBand (Apple hired ACID's lead developer, who managed to basically duplicate ACID on the PPC platform, add some iCandy, and then rename it GarageBand).

Trent's last outing made Slashdot's glorious Front Page, where News Of Great Importance(TM) is placed. Since Trent has done remixes BEFORE the GarageBand one, and he's doing remixes AFTER the GarageBand one, I'll have to assume that the only reason The Hand That Feeds remix made the front page was that it was directed at Apple's GarageBand. This remix being for all platforms, I doubt it will get any mention, as Trent's previous remixes for ProTools and Logic also got no mention, but the Apple-only remix was hailed as the Second Coming and a unique event in the history of mankind.

Of course, Trent seems amazed at the success of his last remix effort. What he doesn't know is that this one will be a dismal failure because Slashdot will not post it to the front page because it's not pure Apple propaganda this time, and thus he'll be about 50,000 downloads behind the last one....

Plus, I'm not registering on his site just to get the chance to remix his tunes for him. At least this failure will convince him that forced registrations SUCK.

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Journal Journal: Insightful

Check it out.

Apple's role as a leader of the open source movement is finally paying off. Apple's groundbreaking work on KHTML is to become the foundation of many of Nokia's future lines.
Looks like Apple and their open-source efforts have done it again!

Sweet Jeebus. It got an Insightful.

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Journal Journal: Here's something I posted today

Here's the original post, Why I (A Mac User) Switched To Linux

I am a long-time Mac user switching from Mac OS X to Linux. I still boot into OS X every once in a while, mostly because I haven't figured out how to retrieve my settings and data out of some OS X apps I used to use.

This came after years of nagging little frustrations with Apple's hardware and software (like the fact that because iMovie and iDVD have no MPEG support, only MOV, in order to work with movie files from my digital camera I had to buy QuickTime Pro -- and then keep rebuying it as they break compatibility yearly with older versions). Or how when you have a directory on one drive, say "MP3s", and you want to copy it over to your main drive, if there's another MP3s directory there, it won't ADD the new MP3s to the pile, it will DELETE all the main directories' MP3s and replace them with the new ones! I've lost PILES of stuff doing this before I learned that file management SUCKS under OS X. Sadly, Windows Explorer kicks the Finder's ass.

I get OS X app crashes as frequently as my family does on their Dells, maybe more frequently even. And I'm running the 1.5 Ghz PowerBook with 1 Gig of RAM, the 128Meg video card, and a faster HardDrive option, so I shouldn't be maxing out my hardware. In fact, my PowerBook is *not as fast* as my brother's Dell which is at least a year older. But I blame this at least partly because of all the "eye candy" in OS X, as Ubuntu on the same hardware absolutely screams.

Apple continually shows themselves to be cut from the same cloth as Microsoft, and it is only the spin from Apple Corporate (and our own desire to deny the truth about Apple and keep them on a pedestal) that keeps us from judging them fairly for their actions like we do other corporations. When MS screws over a vendor, we Slashdotters froth at the mouth and attack rabidly. When Apple blatantly rips off third party vendors, bankrupting them in the process, we turn a blind eye. One word: Konfabulator. Despite the nonsensical arguments and support of the Mac Faithful, Apple DID steal their product. Amazingly, NOBODY CARES. We always give Apple a free ride. It is quite dishonest to do so, and letting Apple get away with stuff like this only encourages them to do it again. There is no balance of power between the customers and the company -- the company has near total control. What Steve says, we believe. We never question. Do we? I don't see any examples of us Mac Faithful taking Apple to task for any of their slimy business moves.

There are so many examples of why "Life As An Apple User" is not perfect that I can't even begin to describe them here. I don't hate Apple. Apple's not bad, but they're like another Microsoft. Their stuff is okay. I hate the insanity of the posters on here who take it as a religion or their life's mission to lie to people in order to promote Apple. It makes no sense, and a LOT of the propaganda I see on here is flat out LIES. but nobody calls the liars on it either, I suppose because the lies are all in favor of Apple. Suffice it to say that you should take ANYTHING you read on Slashdot about the legendary greatness of Apple with a grain of salt. There is a deep-rooted bias with many of the posters here (which is why if this story wasn't a day or two old I'd be modded down to -1 almost immediately, free speech and quality of this post be damned). The reality doesn't match up to the advertising hype. OS X is a very good system, but it has it's faults. But that's NOT the impression I get from reading this site. It has enough faults, in fact, that after years of Mac Zealotry myself, I've finally switched off the system, and I'm much happier here.

I don't know what most people are doing with their computer that they can't figure out how to use Gnome or KDE, and that they need the imaginary handholding of OS X to enable them to do their work, but I've been using Ubuntu as my main desktop for a while now, and I'm having LESS headaches or brick walls to run into than I did on either OS X or Windows.

Unpopular opinion here, but it's the truth. Sosumi.

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Journal Journal: Apple Zealots

I just can't believe it. No matter what Apple does, there is a massive throng of worshippers who will support them to the death. If they declared that they were ditching OS X in favor of Windows XP, there would be 600 out of 700 posts here defending them for having the business savvy to "do the right thing for their customers". And every one of those posts would go to +5, Insightful, while any dissent whatsoever would go straight to -1, We-Don't-Want-To-Hear-It. I'm just amazed that the same trolls who were arguing rabidly this morning that Apple would never switch to x86 because the G4s and G5s are so bloody superior are now fawning over Intel like they were the second coming of Christ.

Every time Apple falls on their face, there are crowds of "Mac Faithful", eyes glazed over, applauding and shouting, "Look at the glorious acrobatics!"

But what makes me sickest is that I too, a long long time ago, drank the Kool-Ade, and I was extremely biased in favor of them no matter what they did. I actually surrendered my rational thought when it came to anything Apple. I paid twice as much for computers of half the power. I fawned over paying top dollar to have a video card that was two generations behind what the Wintel guys were all running. I explained patiently to friends that Apple's slower hard drives extended battery life, and that "our" slower RAM was better for the environment. I dissed my mom's Dell for it's high resolution, saying that anything past my PowerBook was hard on the eyes -- but the day the new PowerBooks caught up to PCs, the high resolution became a selling point I used on my friends. I went into every tech conversation with a subliminal agenda to push Apple on people who didn't care and didn't want it. I didn't realize it, but that is what happened. In my mind, no computer, regardless of its' attributes, ever won over a Mac. I was lying to myself and to others. If their laptops were smaller, I said they were too small to be useful. If they were bigger, I said they were too big and heavy. If they were faster, I insulted the poor battery life. If they had better battery life than my PowerBook, I redirected the conversation by insulting Windows for the lack of FireWire (which I've never even used). It took me years to realize that I had convinced myself that Apple was the Ultimate Computer, not for its' qualities, but because it was an Apple. Hearkens back to the great eternal question, "Is God great because of his attributes, or just because he is God?" Does Apple deserve worship for its provable, objective greatness, or just because it is an Apple? No computer could ever win in an argument with me, because if there was any one thing that differentiated it from the Mac, I claimed that it was a weakness that made it vastly inferior. And my justifications for granting Apple the victory would change from argument to argument as required to win. The only thing I won against was the truth. Against the tiny Sony X505, the Sony was too small, and that I needed more horsepower than would fit in the Sony. Against the powerful Ibm A series, the IBMs were too big, and I needed more battery life. Against the Dell Inspirons that were the same size, cost less, and had better battery life, my deal-breaker was that they ran Windows and were from Dell.

Man, WTF was wrong with me? I, like all these other "Mac Faithful", was absolutely self-deceiving and unthinking. Does Apple have subliminal messages in OS X? I have to assume they do. I can't figure out any other reason for our behavior. Really. No matter what Apple does, we claim they win against all comers, because our arguments for Apple are as "mercurial" as our illustriously sophistic leader himself.

In the end, the only trait that mattered to me was that the computer be an Apple. All other attributes were secondary.

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Journal Journal: This Is Depressing.

It's depressing posting at zero. Even if I post insightful stuff, nobody sees it! Why do I bother logging in? Amazing that I *lost* karma for being +5 funny. Slashdot is BROKEN and I've received no response yet from Cowboy Neal. Oh well, hopefully somebody with mod points is reading at zero, but I doubt it. The Slashdot moderation system doesn't scale well -- when you have 1000+ posts to read at -1, I'd bet that only 5% of the mods actually bother. Which leads to the poor moderation here -- a large number of insightful posts are ignored, while other mediocre posts hit +5 since it's a lot easier to jump on the bandwagon and bump whatever the other mods gave the nod previously than to dredge through all those 0 and -1 posts for underappreciated quality.

The problem is that quality posts are buried at 0 and 1 and are completely overlooked by lazy mods.

Slashdot needs something new. Perhaps a random moderation system, maybe where moderators don't get to pick which posts they will moderate up or down (this loophole obviously leads to biased moderation, moderation of friends, etc.), but instead, they get 20 mod points and a list of 20 random posts to moderate up or down (like metamoderation, except that the posts include non-moderated posts). If the masses went for it, it would lead to fairer moderation and would give the bottom-dwellers (like unfairly punished me) a chance for their good posts to be recognized as such.

But then it's more like work and less like fun, and so it probably won't work. Everybody likes moderating up opinions they strongly agree with (unfairly biased or not), and if they aren't moderating politically, they won't moderate.

A second idea is that a certain number of points HAVE to be used for 0 level posts -- these are what should be moderated anyway, rather than using your points to push +4's up to +5, which doesn't really help anybody, as by the time something's +4, we all KNOW it's a good post.

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Journal Journal: Good System You Guys Have Here.

Being moderated up in the past has killed my karma. Look at my history -- I'm posting at zero (being punished for something I've done, apparently). I wrote an email to Cowboy Neal a few days ago, but no response.

Here's my posting history thus far, newest to oldest. Please note that the two 0 rated posts weren't modded down, I'm just posting at zero for some reason:

If the Chinese Government Doesn't............0
I Can't Prove It.............................0
Wow. That's a BIG plane..............2..5, Funny
Insight From Mark Cuban......................1
Re:Well, that spoiled the buildup............1
Re:yep...............................2..4, Funny
Experience Says Otherwise....................1
ubuntu (876029)
(email not shown publicly)
Karma: Bad

Anyway, it seems that getting moderated up has hurt me more than if I hadn't contributed at all. I wonder why Taco doesn't consider that to be a bad thing? I guess I'll just have to be twice as funny and insightful to defeat the twisted insanity of the Funhouse-style random moderation system here. I proclaim a Jihad of good posts on Slashdot!

Well, maybe a mini-Jihad.

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