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Journal Journal: Dan Pallotta and Pallotta Teamworks

After raising $3775 for a Bike ride from Montreal to Portland, ME to support AIDS Vaccine Research. Pallotta Teamworks Canceled the ride to save face.

  The low registration numbers would of meant the cost of the event+ Pallotta's production fee would meant little to no money would be left for the charity.

To save face Pallotta acted as if the event would be held up until the deadline for donations to be recieved before the event, then canceled the ride. Then saying since there was no event there will be no production fee, and "all" money will co to charity. Notice how they wait until the very last minute to cancel to make themselves look that much better by having the most money to hand over to the charities.

Please note that all the money given to the charities was taken under false pretense, since it was given to support a bike ride as well. Donors should get an automatic refund, and not have to request one.

What a Fraud.

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