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Comment Re:And any idiot with a soldering iron can bypass (Score 1) 765

I was making fun of the original poster who seemed to think that anyone with a soldering iron became a threat. You're disassembling the wrong statement.

"The answer to this is firearms safety education." - awesome. Most pro-gun types are vociferously against this sort of regulation. This is really what most gun-safety advocates are looking for. Requiring guns to be in safes or locked cases. Requiring training for everyone in a home with guns. Common sense stuff. Ramifications for accidents that occur due to negligence. I agree, that if we had laws with real teeth we wouldn't need things like electronic trigger locks.

Comment Re:And any idiot with a soldering iron can bypass (Score 1) 765

Most gun lock advocates suggest using it to prevent a gun from being used by a child picking up a gun left around the house, a burglar taking it from your bedside table, or a mugger disarming you. The sarcasm was directed at the notion that somehow the ability to remove a gun lock with a soldering iron would change the dynamic in any of these situations.

Comment I did this. (Score 1) 133

I started in tech support. Created a QA department and eventually moved into development. Create a github repo. Build things to help make your job easier where you work now. Stress your customer service skills in interviews (programmers are frequently known for not having them). Look as startups as they're frequently looking for people who can wear multiple hats. Maybe you can do tech support and programming for one.

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