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Comment Get rid of FDA, Drug Laws, and Patents. (Score 1) 416

What ever happened to my body, my choice? Is it only true when you are killing the unborn?

Maybe we don't need to get rid of the FDA but just change it so it can't prohibit drugs. It can give the FDA "Seal of Approval" for drugs that meet it's standards. You should be allowed to sell any compound. As long as it's labeled properly and accurately the drug maker shouldn't be liable for any side effects. After all Peanuts are a great, cheap source of protein. But they also kill some people. It's should be up to the patient and doctor to figure out what effects particular drugs will have.

Intellectual monopolies need to end. Without the FDA there is no justification for them anyway as you can bring a drug to market quickly and the competition to manufacture them cheaply will drastically lower prices.

Comment Reminds me of this car I sold. (Score 1) 271

I had a POS 92 Sunbird with 60k miles that ran like crap. I sold it to a guy for about $500 telling him honestly there is something wrong and he drove it and said he could fix it. 2 weeks later he calls bitching because he blew up the engine. I told him sorry but it was sold as is. Threatened to sue me but never did.

Old cars breaks. If you want something that lasts forever too bad.

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