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Journal Journal: Me 1

I need to get out more. My wife despairs of me. She is a beautiful and intellegent woman who cannot spell. I love her to bits. Hello Phil!

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Journal Journal: My Shiny thing

I lost my shiny thing. It might be somewhere in the sofa but I am afraid to reach inside incase novel lifeforms have evolved and are hungry.

Maybe they are shiny-thing-etarians and won't bite me? In which case I will be shiny-thing-less for ever. This could be a Schroedinger's thing, maybe the cat has got it.

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Journal Journal: Summer

Oh well, I guess it had to happen - summer has flown south for the winter. Non-stop rain for 3 days now, grey skies, lots of wind. Holland is back to normal :)

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Journal Journal: my video recorder

It broke a few days ago when my wife set fire to a paint roller!

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Journal Journal: Random Musings

Hohum, first time for everything. I blame it on the hangover (not the boogie)

My mind has gone blank now, which is a bummer. I could try a random stream of thought but I am scared about what would be revealed.

Does Steve Jobs break into my house, investigate my current computer set-up, toddle back to his programmer-types and tell them what I use, just so they can design something that I just can't use without a serious hardware upgrade?

I think so. I shall set up some Steve Jobs traps. Does he like cheese or chocolate?

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