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The Media

Journal Journal: bsd is dying lololol is not a true troll attempt 4

Regarding this:

journal entry by bsd is dying lololol :

While some credit may be due for the over use of that ``bsd *bla* *bla* *bla* phrase ... a reference to TrollBurger 's Oct 8, 2002 journal entry, there is a point where the phrase does not have much troll value.

A good troll bates the unaware with an argument that looks worth of a reply. To just vent at the mouth shows your trollness too much. People normally do not feed trolls if they can help it. Well maybe the dumb people do, but a good troll can bate the most aware with guile and subtleness. Sure, there is a place for the blatant troll, but that place is rare. Just because you say fuck and call people names does NOT make you a troll.

The '' Re:bsd is dying lololol i am suhc a LUnix geex0r.w '' posting by bsd is dying lololol rates a -0 in the book of trolls for not being a troll ... just a loud (and rather stupid) posting.

The Media

Journal Journal: username trolling 1

Today we give prase to Subject Line Troll for a wonderful trolling style.

Check out some of Subject Line Troll recent postings:

As this user's name suggests, the troll is completely in the subject line. There is no body to the troll. Reader's get troll wacked just by scanning the subject lines.

Short, blunt and to the point. Any jerk can troll on-and-on like an ass on exlax. It takes a real artist to troll in a short, simple line.

... and the ALL CAPS TROLLING is a nice touch.

This troll style rates a +5 in the book of trolls ! We honor this troll style with the highest possible rating in the book!

The Media

Journal Journal: short, simple and effective troll 4

This troll:

is an outstanding troll. It is short, simple and direct. With a single short one line, this troll has launched a raft of replies, flames and counter-postings.

A well done troll does not need to be crude, loud or verbose. Good trolls can be, but the best trolls can launch a debate with a short, simple and direct posting.

This troll rates a +4 in the book of trolls ! We honor this troll with a rating that is nearly the highest possible in the book!

The Media

Journal Journal: when a troll is not a troll

When is a troll, not a troll? When some lame moderator assigns a posting a troll status incorrectly.

The posting:

is such an example. This troll rates a 0 in the book of trolls . We give it a 0 not because it is a bad troll, but because it not a troll posting at all.

NOTE: Somebody did the right thing as moderated the entry as funny. As of the time this journal entry was edited, this posting has 2 troll and 2 funny moderations. Who knows how this posting will end up in the future ...


Journal Journal: trolling for better trolls 2

The ./ has its share of trolls, but how many of them are good trools? Simply bashing this race, or pokine run at a ./ or Linux celeb does not in and of itself make a good trool. Simply spewing a lot of porn does not in and of itself does not make a good trool.

Now there is nothing wrong with poking at ./ or Linux celebs. There is nothing wrong with a using pron or other things that make treak a sundy/Fundy. But when it is done, it has to be done with style and gyle. It has to be done in such a way as to make people believe that you are serious. It has to be done in such a way as to compel somebody to want to fight back.

Over the next few weeks I hope to troll the trolls ... prasing good ones and ranking the poor ones down in the book of trools

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