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Journal Journal: Moving and new job

Just accepted an offer at an animation in the south bay area (think just below SF, yes, not many 3d animation studios there... no, not that one, the other one).

Getting ready to move out in a few days.

My time spent working at a dot com in Chicago was great. I leanred a ton about mission crittical concepts and trying to keep an uptime of 99%+. I was so sloppy in my last job, where we only guaranteed having 80% systems up at any given time. It was good to learn those tricks and how to monitor and keep things running better. Hopefully my new job will be able to take advantage of it.

So here is to new adventures.


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Journal Journal: work

found a job.

I work in a NOC now.

Pretty graphs and plasma displays. Weeee.


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Journal Journal: A Freak and work

I find it hard to believe that somebody doesn't like me. How did I end up as a foe???

Oh... anybody looking for somebody with feature production experience in rendering and system administration. I specaialize in distributed rendering processes and pipelines, both in theory and in practice. I have also wrangled and td'ed in a pinch. I had to learn our crazy process backwards, so I quickly became the answer guy to how it worked. I developed the render process and how all of those hand offs worked, but there was so much more to what we did. All this crazy file smooshing togeather (got to love Maya's reference abilities) and figuring out how a Maya file rendered and what render globals did not get overwrote by the commandline and what command line flags just didn't work. To be honest... I still can't get around in Maya extremely well. I am used to looking at the file in ascii and fixing the files from the command prompt. Anyways... that is the crazy process I had to learn backwards. I think I was the only one that knew most of what was really going on. That led to two things... job security and lots of hours. Its not always the best place to be.
But.. in a production environment and things look broke, learn to work backwards. But read Maya's error messages forwards ;)


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