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Journal Journal: Inexpensive GPS receiver? 14

Welcome to my first journal entry! I need some gadget advice, and I thought I'd turn to the /. horde for some help.

I'm looking for an inexpensive GPS receiver to carry with me when I'm mountain biking. I don't think I need any fancy features: I'm not looking for navigation, or even maps. I just want something that will track where I've been and when exactly I was there, with minimal fuss. In fact, I'll probably never look at it while I'm out.

Of course, the other part is that I will dump the data into my computer when I'm done, so that I can track my biking: where did I go, how fast did I go over specific areas, etc. *That* is where I'd like the features. The fancier the software for managing all of this, the better. But the GPS device just needs to be simple. And cheap.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a device that would work well for me? Or even devices I should stay away from? Also, any suggestions on software for working with the data? I'm open to both Windows and Linux software. Even OS X would work, though the only Mac I've got is a G3 iMac running Jaguar.

Thank you very much for any help you could give me!

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